Teacups pigs are the small miniature pigs also known as pocket pigs, micro pigs and domestic pigs and can be kept as pets also. These miniature pigs have the different physical appearance than the normal pigs. These pigs are usually very small in size and have a chubby figure, short neck and legs, perked-back ears and a thick hairy tail. In most parts of America, these pigs are kept as pets. The owner of these pigs should be given education about how to maintain a teacup pig health and what food to give them to eat. These pigs should be given a well nutritive diet.

These pets should be given OUTDOOR space so that they can feel fresh there and they can be feeling safe and happy. They should be given appropriate shelter to stay such that the shelter protects them from rain, snow, heat, sun. A safely fenced area should also be provided to them so that it can protect them from stray dogs and from any other animals. In summers, it is required to give them fresh cool water. Keeping these pigs as pets is a huge task as the owner needs to take care of many things regarding their pets. It is the responsibility of the owner to PROTECT these pigs from other animals. In the starting, these pigs might not be comfortable with you and might push you around. They will also do some quirky stuff. These pigs love to eat which can be good and bad too, as overfeeding and underfeeding leads to many health problems for them.

Bonding with your small pigs take months, as the initial days they are STUBBORN and they only do the things that they want to do. As these pigs get comfortable with you, they tend to show affection for you. The owner should be very friendly with him as he has to take a lot of care of these small pigs. It is their responsibility to take care of the diet of their pigs. The diet consists which is rich in PROTEINS. The food that contains sodium is not good for their health as these foods are highly toxic in nature which can affect their health and the conditions can get worse. Instead, they can be given green vegetables which contain protein. Green peas, cauliflower, broccoli is good for their health. Miniature pigs are generally omnivores.

Social life for these pigs is also important, as these pigs hate to live alone. It is the responsibility of the owner to take them to walk every day so that they feel good and can perform a natural activity like grazing. So, social time is very important, if they are not social then it can cause negative behavior because these pigs love to spend time with humans. If a person is a successful pig owner then he can have at least two pigs in his home. These pigs should also get VACCINATED from time to time, as they are very likely to be getting ill, as humans do. Proper vaccination treatment is recommended for them.




Teacup pigs are awesome pets