Information about Teacup Pigs

The teacup pigs are mini in size in comparison to the farm hogs. The miniature form of pigs is suitable to be kept at home. The size of a teacup pig is approximately equal to that of a small sized dog. They have solid and compact bodies. The weight of the pig is about 60 pounds when adult.

Teacup pigs are named so because of their tiny size when newborn. In the beginning, you can’t determine the adult size of the pig. There are some feeding techniques and exercises meant for the pig to reach their desired size. The genetic factor is important to determine the size of the pig. The pig’s weight can be affected by overfeeding, exercise lacking and improper feeding timings. It is required to check the appearance of the parents of the pig to get an idea about the size of the baby pig.

There are many breeders doing wrong practices for selling their pets. The potbellies will stay small in size if you feed them in the limit. Don’t fall for their scams and choose the right person to buy the teacup pig. These special pigs are very loving and will take your heart away with their cute habits. There is a huge trend of these little animals in America and other nations. The best thing about teacup pigs is that they can be easily kept in small spaces and apartments. Unlike some varieties of dogs, these animals don’t require too much space to live in the house.

Lifespan of Teacup Pigs

The lifespan of an average mini pig is approximately 15 years. There is no certain age for any animal but the care, vaccination, food schedule and exercising have a lot of impact on the lifespan of these animals. The oldest teacup pig was about 20 years old. Mini pigs have been on trend for the year 1985. These have been the unique animals and will be better companions than dogs or cats in many ways.

Height & Weight

The average height of a teacup pig will be 16-20 inches which are similar to the height of a mid-sized dog. The measurement of height can be done with the measuring tape or girth measurement.

Some teacup pigs have a plump appearance due to a bigger structure. The slender and athletic outlook of these pigs will blow your mind away. The pig doesn’t have to be very heavy as it will be unable to walk properly and it will have a bad health. These pigs don’t have fur on their body and instead have hair on the skin which makes them anti-allergic. The overweight pig is indicated by the folds of fat around the eyes.

Mini Pigs Types

Potbellied pig is the most common category for mini pigs. These are also termed as Chinese potbellied pigs, mini pot belly pig or Vietnamese potbellied pig. Some pigs are bigger in size and have shape and size similar to farm pig.

These can’t be kept at home and are better for a farm area. There is another name ‘Guinea Hog’ and it is a bit taller and thinner than the former one. These are hairy and more in weight than the potbellied pigs.

Teacup pigs are thought of the underfed and malnourished potbellied pigs. They have smaller body organs and grow normally in size. The teacup pigs are famous in the United States.

Water Access

Pigs need water all the time. They have hair on the body and can’t perspire due to which water consumption is very important to them. Some pigs drink ample of water daily and some might not take a lot. It depends on the capacity of the pets to drink the fluids and each pet is different in this aspect. There are special bowls available in the pet stores for enabling easy access to water.

Bedding & Blankets

Pigs love to have their personal bedding and blankets. They love to hide in the blankets and snuggle with them. They love to play with the blankets by dragging them & playing with them. The bedding has to be comfortable and at one position. You can use the old blankets for designing the pet bedding. When they get older, they will love their personalized area and will roam about in that direction. Addition of more blankets in their bedding will make them feel warm. They will have their rooting with the blankets and it provides insulating warmth for the little pig.

Pig proofing the home

Pigs are highly intelligent and can figure out about anything very soon. If there is a place where they can reach for food, they will find the quickest ways to do so. It is important to keep the closets and kitchen cupboards child-proof with proper locks on them.

Litter training

The litter-box training is important for every pet and teacup pigs are no different. The dog litter boxes are different and the ones available for cats are more suitable for litter training. In the early stages of life, you’ll have to train your pet for littering at the right spot. If there is a backyard in the house, litter training can be done outside. The litter box inside the house has to be kept clean and it can be installed at any free spot in the house. There can be wood chips or recycled newspaper used for handling the litter.

Recreation & Entertainment

Pigs really enjoy watching TV and listening to music. Some owners put the music on when away, to keep the pig entertained.


Piglets will have to get vaccination on regular basis and the veterinary specialist will keep a track of the pig health. Check with your vet after you arrive home with your new piggy and get their vaccination card for keeping a track of their injection schedule.

The male piglets are neutered and females are spayed before getting to their home. The surgical processes are required for the same. It is for eliminating the growth of tusks in males and menstrual issues in female pigs.

Why to be sure before getting a teacup pig?

The craze of micro pigs has gained pace over the past few years. These pigs are favorites of many celebrities and people love to keep them for their cuteness. The acceptance of mini pigs has many misleading claims which could really hurt the innocent pigs. You must consider these important things before purchasing or adopting a teacup pig:

  • Teacup pigs are little potbellied pigs

The first thing to understand is that these pigs are smaller versions of potbellied pigs. Hence, they will have some of the characteristics of potbellied pigs which you can’t ignore. Some people say that there are no teacup pigs in reality and they give this statement only because the pigs are actually smaller versions of potbellied pigs. The domestic farm pigs are quite heavier and have a hefty body structure. The smaller versions are underfed and bred to get the micro sized pigs. The little pigs have a weight of 60 pounds – 120 pounds, depending on the body structure.

  • Breeding starts from 3 months of age

It is a fact that the pigs can be bred as early as 3 months of age. The piggy parents could be even minuscule in size and age and will grow up to the age of 2-3 years. The parents of piglets might be piglets themselves. Hence, you can’t measure the growth of your pigs by just seeking at their parents. The breeders have to be quite reputed to get the right pig as there could be wrong or inappropriate pigs given to you by the fake breeders.

  • Underfed pigs could become unhealthy

Some breeders are of a view that smaller sized pigs should not be given proper food but it could become a problem in the long run. There could be breathing issues and other genetic impairments which could cause problems for the pigs and their next generation. Breeders even instruct the buyers to keep the pigs starved.

There are some negative things about this conception as the pigs should be fed with lesser amount of food but whatever is being served to them should be nutritious and balanced in its own way. The pigs not getting appropriate food develop weaker immunity, sensitivity issues and a lot of other problems. Fruits, vegetables and pig food is necessary to give at least the basic necessities to the pigs.

  • Own space and bedding

Teacup pigs require their own space to roam and root around. They might become depressed if they are not given enough space to play or roam around. If the place is congested, you can take them on walks and enjoy being with them. They are curious animals who would create a problem when they get into boring environment. If you don’t have enough time to spend with them, it is better to rethink about your decision of bringing them home.

  • Cost of keeping pigs

It would be expensive to keep the piglets as they require special food and vaccinations to keep a good health. The initial pricing of a pig might be a several thousand dollars but there would be a lot of other costings involved for keeping these pigs at home.

Is it legalized to keep a teacup pig in your zone?

Teacup pigs are the lovely animals having decent market demand. The expert breeders make advertisements to sell their baby pigs produced from the micro-sized pigs suitable to be kept at home. You need to learn about the zonal laws of your city to make sure that the pet you keep is acceptable by your state. The ordinances are meant for the general public for the sake of maintaining law and order in any state, and if you’re sure about the city pet laws, then only it would be a right decision to bring the little pig home.

The breeders from all parts of the USA can supply the pigs at an amount of $1000-5000 depending on the quality of the pigs. Before bringing the pig into your home, it is very essential to check the local zoning laws. You can check it through the city counselor’s office. The Homeowner’s Association (HOA) would be another choice to make if you’re a member of one. There are many states in which pigs are not considered as pets and are thought of as livestock. It is important to know about your state and check the zoning laws associated with the pigs. You have to strictly adhere to those laws to bring the micro pig home.

In case, it turns out that you’re unable to bring a mini pig into your home because of the zoning laws, there would be three choices with you:

  • Forget about the pig: If you can’t take any step, it would be better to forget about keeping the pig. It is only feasible to keep the pig legally at your home if your state laws permit it. It is useless to bring the pig without checking the laws in detail. Trusting anyone verbally wouldn’t be preferred in any way.
  • Opt to change your place: This is an irrelevant but a rare chance for some people. In case you are thinking about the pig and changing your place in the coming future, it would be wise to move to a place where the pigs are permitted. This is a rare case but considerable for the people who are looking to take a chance in their residence.
  • Request for a change in the zoning law: This is the most preferred choice as there are many cities in which micro pigs are permitted very recently with the request made by the homeowners who really wish to make these animals a part of their family. It would certainly require your time and efforts to visit the counselor office and make them understand the real reasons behind your requests to permit the pigs in the city limits. If you are prepared to do this for your pig then there are no worries for you. You can make the adequate paperwork to apply for the permission and if you present your points well, then there are chances for you to win over.

Teacup Pig’s Food and Nutrition

Teacup pigs are the small-sized pigs, which are also domestic pigs. Teacup pigs are sometimes known as pocket pigs & micro pigs. Teacup pigs are usually smaller in size as compared to other pigs. They have perked-back ears, chubby figure, rounded head, short neck and legs, and also have a tail of thick hair. Teacup pigs are generally kept as pets. These are the most popular pets of America. The diet for teacup pigs should be nutritive. The owner of the teacup pig should have lots of education about good diet and the maintenance of a teacup pig body and weight. These pigs should not be given human food because it contains fat and sodium and usually, these teacup pigs are sensitive to these things. Teacup pigs should be vegetarian food full of fruits and green vegetables.

Teacup pigs should be given a place in the outside area, in which they feel safe and happy. Pigs are opportunistic scavengers in their natural habitat, in that they spend most of their days in the search of food. When teacup pigs are hungry or frustrated, they can do a lot of damage in the surroundings. They show their aggressive behavior to the humans when there is a lack of mental stimulation, usually, they bite to show their aggressive behavior.

These pigs are given pellets that are made with protein with little fat, that are only made for teacup pigs. To make you’re your teacup healthy the key is to limit their snacks and establish their feeding routine. These miniature pigs should exercise to main their health.  These pigs should be given breakfast and dinner that consists of green vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans etc. Their diet should also consist of corns, bell peppers, peeled zucchini and many other food items containing proteins. These miniature pigs are omnivores.

These pigs should be given a balanced and maintained diet, and their diet should be consistent.  Whole wheat and grains should be included in their diet as they play an important part in the diet. Food for teacup pigs can also be easily available in the markets which are particularly formulated for them, that consist of the right amount of fats, proteins, fiber, and other nutrients. Coconuts can also be added to their diet for healthy skin. Constantly keeping in mind that the pigs should be given plenty of cool water especially in summers and change the water if it gets dirty.

Foods that are given to cats and dogs are not recommended for miniature pigs as these foods contain the elements unsuitable for pig’s health. Overfeeding of teacup pigs is also dangerous as well as underfeeding, they should be a maintained diet.  To maintain their health and activity levels they require calories too. The hip bones or spine of a miniature should not be seen as they show that the pigs are not well nourished such that well nutritive diet is not given to them.  Underfeeding and overfeeding of miniature pigs can cause a lot of sufferings to them such as permanent damage to organs through which their lifespan gets short.

Celebrities with mini pigs as pets

Recently, celebrities have boosted the visibility of owning micro pigs. These pigs are adorable and celebrities love them for their unique look as pets. The nano pig trend was seen in the beginning with the celebs like George Clooney who owned the pig for 18 years. Princess Pigelette was the potbelly pig owned by Paris Hilton in 2009. The most important thing to notice is that these pigs are shown and owned by the celeb parents only when they are not fully-grown and people think that these animals will remain the same size for a lifetime. The idea for the pigs to remain small persists with the thought of making them feed with the food suggested by the breeder.


In Christmas 2009, David Beckham was seen with his two teacup piggies gifted by his wife Victoria Beckham. The child TV star Honey Boo Boo had her piggy Glitzy as her lucky charm. Some celebrities have kept the pigs for a long time as adult pets. The pocket pigs don’t remain the same size for a long time as the pets keep on growing in size till the age of five.


Tiny pigs are losing their homes because of the fact that they grow to a larger size and the homeowners abandon them by surrendering them to shelter homes or sanctuaries across the different states. People buy the animals really quickly by seeing the celebrity craze or the surrounding pets but this can be the worst mistake they make in their life. Pigs can get much bigger than expected and it is not mandatory for them to fulfill the expectations of their owners. Mini pigs are all over the televisions and internet and some breeders advertise them so well that the people are tempted to bring them home. However, it is never a preferable case as before knowing the facts about these pets, it is never advisable to keep them in homes. Ultimately, you will be spoiling the life of a living being by not knowing about them in detail and abandoning them later on.


An educated public is the most preferred defense against the homelessness issues of the pigs. Pig craze is all over the United States but the wise decision is not to believe everything you see around in the advertisements. The pigs you see are given a lot of time for training and are properly nourished to make you believe that they can be an excellent choice to bring home. Potbellied pigs make great pets but it depends on the owner to take care of them and train them in their own way. Spending time with pigs can be a great experience but bringing them home and then turning them towards rescue groups and sanctuaries is not preferable at all.


If you’re thinking about getting a great friend, make adoption as a wise option. There are many sanctuaries all over the US and you can check out for the ones near you to adopt a piggy.


Buying the Teacup Pig rightly

The idea of cuddling a baby pig is very heartwarming. Pigs are very sensitive and cute creatures having a lovable nature. They are called ‘teacup pigs’ as they can fit into a mug when they’re newborns. They are becoming amazing companions and people are enjoying their company for the sake of all the love they give to the people around.

People may think that teacup pigs will remain very small in size but this is not a fact. It is not a breed in real and hence, you must be aware of the deceptive labeling. These animals are basically potbellied pigs who are malnourished and remain smaller than the real size. The reality is that these animals are taken care of in a different way and are given the food which is actually meant for the pigs. So, do your research in the right way to learn the truth about them and start following the facts to give them the best of health and nutrition.

Pigs who naturally stay too small don’t actually exist. ‘Teacup pigs’ is basically not a breed and could be deceptive for many new owners. These are potbellied pigs who are malnourished to remain in small or average size. The size of a teacup pig grows up to the age of 3 years and hence, you can’t actually predict how big it will go when fully matured.

Distinguishing between different pigs

It is a precise way to follow the distinguishing between different pigs. You can have a look at their ears to see its shape and size. Teacup pigs have straight ears than the floppy ones for the normal pigs. You can view many pigs online or even visit a breeder to know more about them. The pigs look cute when they are a couple of days old and then they turn to the size of a medium dog. Of course, they remain cute but developing hair on the body makes them look bigger. They become more affectionate, if trained well and loved enough by the owner. Make sure that you get the updated pic from the breeder to buy a piglet from their website.

It is a huge decision to bring an animal companion into your life and it must be well-informed to have any regrets later on. If you’re going to adopt a pig, it is important to collect necessary information about them and make the right decision. Animals have certain traits due to which they might face health problems which could cause breathing issues later on. Breeders even underfeed these animals which could be for stunting their growth and even restrict the owners to give them fewer diets.

It is legal to adopt a companion pig and you must check to the city rules to follow if your property is not zoned for livestock animals. People who ignore the local regulations may have to face issues later on as at some places, these pets are still considered as farm animals.


Teacup pigs at the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a home for the pigs who were first sold as teacup pigs to the owners. The families become very excited to bring them home but learning about living with the pigs actually abandoned their thought of keeping them home. It is not that the pigs are unworthy and not to be kept at home but these mini creatures can be easily kept only when they are equivalent to the size of a mid-sized dog or cat. There have been many cases which we hear about the pigs being purchased by the homeowners and when they grow up large, they are abandoned for the reason of the difficulty of keeping them home.

It is not easy to keep a pig in the home. The breeder feeding instructions have to be very suitable for these animals as we’ve seen many malnourished pigs kept at homes for the sake of keeping them small. This is what the instructions tell the pig owners. Underfeeding the pigs make their bones brittle and they become prone to fractures and other health issues. Some people have reported that the pigs become so fragile that they keep on getting health issues. Whatever is the condition of the pig, make sure that you ask your breeder about the actual pig details, so that you don’t have to abandon them in your life.

These cases do not mean that the pigs are tough to keep at home. There are some strongest and most robust pigs which are brought in the Sanctuary. These pigs are forced to leave the house for the house owners unable to take care of the pig. The overgrowth of pigs due to false advertising by the breeders is one of the major reasons for them to face health issues. In spite of these issues, there are many good people looking to adopt the pigs from various Sanctuaries and give them a life they deserve.

Diet and nutritional facts

The people who already have pigs at home and the ones who are willing to adopt them, require intense education about their good diet and maintaining a healthy body weight of these cute animals. It is important to have a well-rounded balanced diet for the pigs as these animals are different than other pets and can’t be fed with human food or the dog/cat food. The high percentage of human food is rich in sodium and fats which are very sensitive ingredients for pigs. Pigs can do well on a vegetarian diet including vegetables, fruits, and greens. There are eatable pellets available for the pigs for lifetime nutrition of these pets.

The healthy and balanced diet can’t eliminate the damage caused by early malnutrition and hence, there will be a pressure on the pig along with the harmful health effects. There are many rescue organizations, shelters, and sanctuaries straining the resources to meet the requirements of the pigs becoming sick or being abandoned by the homeowners. It is always advisable to get a pig home only if you are sure about it.


Mistakes with regard to Teacup Pigs

Teacup pigs are cute pets having lovely characteristics. These pigs can be purchased from the breeders available in the US. Unfortunately, many people make major mistakes for the upbringing of these pigs. They starve their pigs for the sake of restraining their growth. Teacup pigs purchased from unethical breeders usually get health issues in their grown-up phases. The poor pigs get health issues due to the underfeeding or overfeeding by the owner. This could be the worst thing for a pig and an ethical owner would never like to play with their life. There might be cheaper options available for pigs online. It is necessary to buy them from a reputed breeder. There is proper diet required for pigs and if you try to give them the other diet options rather than the prescribed pig food, they will not get the right nutrition and ultimately, there could be problems with their health.

Difference between different names of pigs

The names of pigs are given as per the body sizes they have. There are different descriptions given to the pigs and those are on the basis of size and breeding practices followed by the owners for breeding them. Super micro pigs are the tiniest of all the pigs. They are maximum 40 lbs as adults. There are rare color combinations of the micro pigs produced with their cross-breeding with Juliana piglets.

Teacup pigs are legalized in most of the US cities. However, it is always a preferable thing to check the local city ordinances and find the best pets with the Google searching. Most of the cities have nothing to worry about to keep the teacup pig. On an average, the pigs grow until they become 3 years old. These little pigs can be accommodated in apartments and you can take them on a walk at least once a day. They find it better if there is hard flooring to run around. A pig will require their personal space in the house which could be small bedding and blanket(s) for rooting. Exercising is necessary for the pigs as they will become obese if they’re not roaming around.

Pigs are very smart and would use a litter box or the place you tell them to excrete. You can instruct them to go to potty for 2-3 days and they will form a habit for the same. You can either give them some outer space or litter box to use for potty. It is always good to give them positive enforcement and be patient with the pigs to get a good response. Patience is the first thing you’ll have to keep with the baby pig and as it grows, you’ll feel them getting attached to you in the most rewarding manner. Teacup pigs are the most adorable pets and you can read about them in detail to know them. It would be an appropriate way to move ahead with the right choice and select the pet having all the characteristics anticipated by you.

About Teacup Pigs

Teacup pigs are adorable pets and are a substitution pet for a dog or cat lovers. They are relatively more intelligent and can be trained in a relatively lesser time. Pigs get along with other pets and family members easily. They are so cute that you’d love to cuddle them and keep them close to you. There are many people who scam people by selling them small piggy pet and when they grow up, these tiny pets turn over towards the bigger version, unsuitable for homes. Hence, it is always good to get your little pig from a renowned source to avoid hassles later on.

Nutrition and Feeding

Teacup pigs need to be fed very delicately. It is not preferable to overfeed or underfeed the pigs as their body structure depends on the nutritional diet consumed by them. Teacup pigs require appropriate diet to keep happy and healthy. They are given a complete and balanced diet and there is specialized pig food available to feed the babies. This food is not similar to a cat or dog food and you should ask your veterinary doctor the portion of food to be given to the baby pig. The baby pig can be given fruits and vegetables in-between but that too in minimal quantity. Water is mandatory for every pig and the pig’s water bowl should be kept half-filled to keep them hydrated.

Bonding with your pig

Teacup pigs require a lot of love and care from you in the beginning. They would love to cuddle their owner and even use the blankets and soft material for keeping warm. They need their own bedding to feel comfortable and sleep in their personal area. They can bond with their new family very soon and understand your instructions very carefully. Pigs are very intelligent and would start getting trained very soon. Even if you don’t train them formally, they would recognize your routine and activities.

Litter Training

Baby pigs understand litter boxes very soon. They will get used to it very soon and whether you have special equipment or place for them to go for litter, they will soon understand it. Make sure that you keep litter box at one place only to make them get used to it. Micro pigs learn faster and are relatively cleaner than the other pets.

Size and weight

The pigs are too tiny in the beginning and would continue growing till 2-3 years of age. Check out the picture of their parents to determine their breed and size. You must know that teacup pigs can start reproducing at an early age of three months and you must check out the stats of the parent pigs to predict their size. Female pigs kept at home are spayed and males are neutered to make the right move. The pigs are shipped to the US states with extra care through air or road transport. Vet care is necessary for the pig to grow in an appropriate size and weight. Oversized pigs would definitely become unhealthy and behave indifferently.


Teacup pigs for sale

Teacup pigs are demanded all over the United States and there are many breeders from different states offering these pets on sale. There is shipping done from many areas to bring the baby pig to a new house. The shipping is done through roads and by air to various regions of the United States. The breeders charge $1200-3000 for the little piglets depending upon their color, age and the expected size (as per the parent pigs). The pigs are too small during their newborn stage. The newborn pigs can even fit into the tea mugs and are named because of their tiny size.

There are smallest pigs available in the United States and spayed/neutered before bringing them home. They would grow larger and produce husks if the surgical procedure is not performed for the pigs. If you are breeding a pig, they require a good diet as the piglets will be healthy only if their parents are doing good. There are different colors and patterns in which these pets are available. The cost for some pure colors and patterns is different. Pink pigs are very much preferred due to their uniqueness. The cost of the pigs will vary as per their color combinations.

Size of teacup pigs is the biggest consideration for purchasing them. Many people sell piglets for low costing and you can’t judge their actual growth by looking them as a baby pig. The new pigs must be taken away from the mothers after 4 weeks of their birth. Selling the pigs before this time would not be recommended as the tiny pigs might get troubles with health and growth under such conditions. People like to bond with the piglets and some unethical breeders take advantage of this fact. Young piglets can be taken by the sellers only after they’re big enough to be handled by the owners. If you are finding a piglet under $1500, it simply means that it might be a fake trap for you. Be careful and make the purchase from the renowned breeders to avoid getting cheated. There are many sales techniques used by the breeders to sell the pigs at a low cost.

The pig-size can be estimated by the size of their parents. The average size of the pig is just similar to a mid-sized dog. The breeders having ethical background would never sell an unhealthy pig. Keeping a pet is a commitment for 12-15 years and you must make a wise choice as the pig will become your family member, as you bring them home. You can easily find the larger pigs at a low cost. However, as the pigs will grow, it will not be easy for you to manage them. The baby piglets are neutered/spayed before sending them to their new homes. If you can’t handle a pig, there are some breeders providing adoption centers for the animals to take care of the abandoned pigs. It is essential to be a part of the informed group and keep the pets only if you and your family are ready to keep them safely at home.