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Pigs are intelligent and socially active animals, and they’re easy to keep at home. If you are a person who thinks that it is impossible to keep the pigs’ home, there are several things you must know about them. It might be possible that you fall into deep love with them and consider these witty animals as your next pets.

There are many local councils in the US which do not permit the pigs to be kept in the backyard or your home in the city. The reason for this is that these animals are still considered as the farm animals by some city councils and are not recommended to be kept at home. However, being a responsible pet owner, you must try to check the city ordinances beforehand and then make a decision about bringing the pet home. In case, the city doesn’t permit these pets at home, you can request the city council to make amendments for the pig pets. The first step from your side will be to check the local council with all your queries and get the response accordingly.

In some areas close to the rural segments, there are farm animal rules followed for keeping the pigs. The commercial pigs are different from the pigs kept in the urban areas. There is proper food list recommended by the breeders for the pigs and that has to be followed by the owners of the pets to avoid any health issues for the pets. Also, you need to make sure that there is a veterinary doctor for the pigs available in your city for the overall health checkup of the pig as well as to follow the vaccination schedule. There are certain vaccinations meant for the pigs to keep them in good health and even make the people around them secured in the presence of a piggy pet.

Choose reputed breeder

This is one of the primary steps in getting a pig. You must shortlist the renowned breeders near your area. It is always preferred to see the parents of the pig as it will indicate their grown-up size and body shape. The import of certain miniature pigs is prohibited and the transport (air or road) has some rules to follow. The weight of an adult pig should not exceed 150 pounds and the diet referred by the breeder must be strictly followed for keeping them in the right shape.

Information about the pet pig


Pigs need their own space, inside or outside the house. They are very intelligent and can be trained for the toilet and other activities easily. Indoor space for pigs can be made in a comfortable corner with a pile of blankets and outside space can be sheltered and safe in all the aspects. They remain happy by playing and hopping around in the house. Pigs love their own area and use their natural instinct for rooting. Outdoor pigs will be free to move but the area should be well-fenced to avoid any accidents.

Pigs would love their own space. They will rest in their area and need a bowl of water near their resting area to remain hydrated. Pigs should be provided with straw or sawdust in the outside region. They get sunburns easily and keeping them in shade would be advisable. Pigs are notorious and can have mud bath if there is a spot to do so. Pigs can’t sweat and get overheating easily. You must have a sturdy arrangement for the pig as they need to remain secure in your presence.

Health requirements

It is important to spay or neuter the pigs to avoid them coming into heat every month. The untreated pigs become aggressive and restless on regular intervals which could be annoying for their owners. Apart from this surgery, the pigs should be vaccine on a timely basis and their regular deworming is required to keep them in good health. The hoof trimming is done for the pigs by the expert veterinarians.

Food and nutrition

The nature of pigs is to eat almost anything. They will require a proper and balanced diet to remain healthy. You can’t give them anything to eat as they are prone to becoming fat very easily. Giving them a dog or cat food would be the biggest mistake. They will enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables along with their specially designed pig food. Your idea should be to give them food in the right quantity to avoid obesity or other issues for them. All pigs require fresh and clean water to drink. So, keep a bowl of water in the house to keep them hydrated. You must keep a heavy container to avoid spilling of the water.

Pig behavior

Pigs require mental stimulation and regular activities to remain joyous. They become bored and could get into a destructive mode if they’re not given proper attention. You can keep a pair of pigs, if possible, as they become quite happy in their own company. Moreover, in the case of the single homeowners, it becomes possible to keep them engaged in their company when you’re not at home. Pigs love to get a company and enjoy the attention of their owners. The general instinct to scratch and tummy rubbing is imbibed in their nature. They are friendly with other animals but are indifferent in some cases. When the pigs are young, the territorial behavior needs a check to understand their real nature.

The training of pigs can be done mostly through food rewards. They will understand the name by which you call them very rapidly. The tricks used to train them need to be very tricky as these animals are smart enough. They appreciate to keep in routine and understand it very quickly. So, it is in the hands of their owners to train them and make them what they want them to be.

As the pigs are inquisitive and enjoy activities like eating, rooting and playing, they can even become destructive. It is not the right choice to keep pigs at home if you are not sure about being patient and understand these animals for the long-term association. They can become noisy by producing squeals and loud grunts which could be annoying for some. Understanding pig behavior is very essential to move towards making a fair decision about owning the micro pig.

Pigs are wonderful pets