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Teacup pigs in Ohio

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Teacup pigs for sale in Ohio

If you are just about to make a decision on purchasing teacup pigs or are looking for a teacup pig for sale in Ohio, then let us guide you through the process with our deep knowledge and understanding working with teacup pigs. Pamperedpiglets.com is a highly specialized teacup pigs’ breeder and seller with a wealth of knowledge on handling these micro pigs. Our shipping services cover the entire United States including Ohio as we endeavor to give more families an opportunity to make these wonder pigs a part of their lives. So what is it about teacup pigs that makes them so popular with many pet owners?

The first thing that you will notice is their little sizes. They are as tiny as a teacup. These sizes are not by accident but through carefully controlled breeding. We use a boar that is no more than 9lbs and sows that weigh no more than 10-20lbs to ensure our customers get the tiniest of tiny teacup pigs. Our breeding will ensure that your teacup pigs will weigh no more than 20 pounds and will not grow past 14 inches.

Micro pigs are animas with a high degree of intelligence. After man, the monkeys and the dolphins, they are ranked amongst the most intelligent species along with other species. They are more intelligent than dogs for example and that means that you can achieve more when you train a teacup. Whether you are showing them new skills or potty litter box training them, you will be amazed at the ease with which you can accomplish this. Of course their fierce intelligence also means that they hate loneliness. They love a great deal of attention. You will have to spend more time catering to their needs, cuddling them or just stroking them. All will be fine as long as you don’t leave them locked somewhere for long, alone. They are likely to get bored and develop some unusual behavior. Our teacup pigs are very well socialized and will demand no less from you.

Acquiring a teacup pig is a lifetime commitment since they have a very long life expectancy. If you are getting one of our pampered piglets as a pet, you will most likely live with it for the next 18 to 20 years. That is how long they live. So feel free to develop a close relationship with Pamperedpiglets.com’s well socialized piglets as they are likely to make long term companions if well taken care of.

The fact that they are non-shedding and make perfect pets for asthmatic people or those with fur allergic reactions also makes owning teacup pigs a big plus. Unlike cats, rabbit, dogs and other popular pets, teacup pigs have something that resembles human hair which is unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction in you. They are remarkably clean and unlike dogs, free of fleas.

Pamperedpiglets.com has several pampered piglets for sale. Go through the images and choose the available piglets that appeal to you. The shipping fee has already been bundled into the listed price ad our professional shipping services that now serve over 50 states including Ohio will deliver your miniature gorgeous piglets to your doorstep.

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