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Teacup Pigs in New York

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Keeping the Appetite of Your Teacup Pig Satisfied

The state of New York is always known for being on top of trends and from there those trends make their away around the rest of the world. At pamperedpiglets.com we find that our New York customers and friends have really embraced the world of teacup pigs. While we all learn more about these interesting pets on a daily basis we must get used to a lot of their habits just like the other pets we have. Whenever we welcome any pet in our house there is a certain adjustment period and things that both owner and pet have to get used to in regards to each other. As you own the teacup pig you will notice how their appetite always needs to be satisfied. Basically, your teacup pig will eat whatever is available for them to eat in most cases. In order to counteract this there are definitely ways you can train them so that you get into more of a consistent diet for them and in this process you will also be able to ensure they are healthy by ensuring they are only eating healthy food.

The first thing you will want to do is keep the food in your house outside of the reach level of your teacup pig. This may seem basic, but you would be surprised how many people leave cabinets or plain just leave food out so the teacup pig has access to it the entire time they are away from the house. There are ways you can pig proof your house just like you baby proof ones. Do you have cabinets that are on the same level height wise as your pig? If so, then you will want to lock up those cabinets when you are not around. If you have certain snack in a pantry that you do not want your pig to have access to you can put up a gate to act as a blockade to accessing it as well. These are simple steps you can take to make sure your pig isn’t overeating because just like in a human overeating can lead to problems.

You will also want to get your little teacup pig of a type of reward system. The best part is that you control what you give him in terms of a reward. Healthy snacks can be the basis of any reward system and you will also be able to make sure that you do not give him too much food as well. The best thing about a reward system in any respect is that your pig will associate good things will healthy food. That is not a bad thing now is it?

These two steps may seem general but at pamperedpiglets.com we practice this with the teacup pigs that we raise and are always looking to ensure our piggies are healthy above all else. Contact us through our contact page here on our website for more information and anything we can help you with we would be glad to do so.

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