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Teacup pigs in New Jersey

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Giving Your Teacup Pig a Bath

While the great state of New Jersey is just one of the states that we have great customers from, we find that the residents of the Garden State have a special affection to their pigs. They are always looking for ways to be able to take care of their pig so that their pet can have just as an enjoyable experience as their other pets do. The issue of bathing teacup pigs is one that comes up often. This is because it is a vital part of owning any animal including a teacup pig. One thing that makes teacup pigs unique however is that by nature they do not really like the feel of water on their skin. The only time to you will see them really see them embrace water is if it is hot and the water serves as a way to cool them down. There is a very easy process however you can follow to train your teacup pig to bathe and it is really not that difficult to do.

The first thing you will need to do is to get your teacup pig used to being in the bathroom. When you bring them in the bathroom initially you want to be sure that when they are in there that they have no negative experiences. Why is that important? Basically so they do not have the association that going in that room is a bad thing. Make sure you have rugs that will not skid when your teacup pigs paws are on top of them. Any kind of slipping will automatically make going into that bathroom a challenge in the eyes of your pet. When he makes it into the bathroom at first with no problems be sure to reward him with a treat so he can then begin to associate the bathroom with good thoughts and the more you can play with them in the bathroom the more they will naturally become more engaged in the environment.

Once he is used to the environment then you can start running the water as the next step. Again, give them a treat when you turn the water on and off each time so he can make the relation between water and water being a good thing. If you do not take these steps the pig could become afraid of the running water which is the last thing you want to have happen. Sure this may feel like you are coaxing them and sort of tricking them to take a bath, but what is wrong with that? Almost any pet requires the same coaxing when they first begin to bathe as well. After the pig is used to the sound of water and used to being in the bathroom itself, it is now time to actually start putting them into the water.

The last thing you want to do is submerge the teacup pig in the water right off the bat. You want to ease them is starting with a small level of water and then go from there. Before you know it you will have a trained teacup pig who loves to bathe and who will love when it is time to get clean. Now, New Jersey teacup pig owners isn’t that something we all think is a good thing?

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