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Finding a Vet for Your Teacup Pig

By now you have certainly heard how residents all over Maine are welcoming teacup pigs into their homes. From Bangor to Portland we have received inquiries from everywhere in between at in reference to our teacup pigs. We often get asked if teacup pigs need vets. The answer to that is a resounding yes and a vet for your teacup pig is just as important as it is for a more conventional household pet. We all know that all vets are not created equal. You will find no shortage of vets around the different town in Maine, it will now just be a matter of finding the one that fits your needs as a teacup pig owner. Trust us when we say that you will become attached to your teacup pig in such a way where you will want them to get the best care possible, similar to the humans in your life. Having a quality veterinarian is priceless and they are out there, it is just a matter of finding them.

The first thing you will want to do is find a qualified veterinarian that is within your relative local area. This way in an emergency you will be able to visit the vet without having to travel long distances. You can perform a simple Google search for vets in your area and write down their contact information. This should give you a list of some qualified veterinarians in your area and now you can start contacting people off of that list. Wait a minute though, take a look at some of the reviews if the vets if there are any available online. Having some background on the services they all provide cannot hurt if the information is available.

Contact each veterinarian office and set up an appointment to meet with the vets or at least a member of the office staff. Although teacup pigs are becoming more and more common they are by no means mainstream. You will want to be sure that the veterinarians you are considering have dealt with pigs before or at the very least have experience with livestock. Do not just assume that all vets know how to deal with all animals because you will be surprised when they cannot treat your pig the way it deserves to be. Your goal is to essentially to find a combination of a quality veterinarian with a location that is within a reasonable distance.

This selection may seem basic, but it is so important that you want to take your time when searching for your veterinarian. You can even ask people you trust if they use a certain vet as they may be able to give you inside on the local market better than an internet search can. At we not only ship to Maine, but are happy to do so. If you have any additional questions on our teacup pigs or the subject area as a whole please do not hesitate to contact us through our website.

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