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Teacup Pigs in Connecticut

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If you are looking for a Teacup Pig in Connecticut you have came to the right place!! At Pampered Piglets pigs really do fly! We will ship your very own piglet directly to you in Connecticut! Please remember to check out our available teacup pigs for sale page! Just like always shipping is always included in the price!

Getting Used to the Eating Habits of Your Teacup Pigs

Connecticut tends to be a place where the trends get to very early because of their close proximity to New York. You have probably noticed lately that on the pet front there is a new household pet becoming increasingly popular. Teacup pigs are the new phenomenon in the Constitution State and at pamperedpiglets.com we share in your enthusiasm for teacup pigs. Once you actually have a teacup pig as a pet though it is important to remember that there is a level of responsibility when taking care of one just like there is when dealing with dogs or cats for instance. Feeding your teacup pig for instance can be something that you will want to get used to as soon as possible. Remember that a teacup pig will want to get his appetite satisfied when it is hungry and it will be expecting food at certain times each day. If that food timing is deviated from they can get grouchy, just like some humans that we know.

So the first key when feeding your teacup pig is extremely basic. Stick to the same scheduled feedings everyday, this way your teacup pig can get on an internal clock as far as their eating goes. These pets are extremely smart so they will be able to adapt pretty quickly to a regular feeding schedule. Other than getting on a schedule you will also be setting a precedent that you are the person who will dispense the food at all times and that it is not OK for them to do so on their own. As long as they know they know they can trust you they will be fine with this arrangement. It is when you start leaving them guessing as to when the food will come that the problems arise.

Make sure you let other family members know of the eating schedule that your teacup pig will now be on. Why is this important? People sometimes think the only way to get a pet to behave is to give them some kind of snack. Yeah, that may be good for them in that moment, but what about tomorrow when your teacup pig is expecting that snack and you are not there to give it to them? Make sure that everyone knows that there is to absolutely be no snacks of any kind.

The last thing about feeding the teacup pig that is important is that you are doing so in a special area that your pet will get used to eating in. Do not make any exceptions in this respect either. It is all about routine on every level as you can probably tell at this point.

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