Decreasing Popularity of Teacup Pigs as Pets

There was a time during the latter 20th century when teacup pigs gained widespread popularity as pets. Various breeds of these pigs were crossbred to get new breeds and they gained massive popularity for their small size and different features. Talking about the current scenario, the popularity of teacup pigs as pets is reducing. There are several reasons that account for this fact.


  • Teacup pigs are small-sized only when they are young. This is a misconception that they remain tiny forever because that only happens if the pigs are malnourished or having some other health issue. Usually, these pigs increase their size to a great extent by the time they reach adulthood. This makes most of the owners abandon their pets because it is hard to keep a big pig in the house since this animal is not so easy to handle. The conditions in which this animal is kept thereafter are not good. Therefore, their being is really a myth. Also, sometimes to keep their size small and make them look like teacup pigs; they are made to starve and are not properly bred. This is very painful for the animal.


  • While adopting, one sees the size of the parents of the pig. Pigs can breed at a very young age and at that time they just a few weeks old. Therefore, one cannot rely on seeing the parent size of the pig because they can grow enormously big in their entire lifetime.


  • Most of these pigs are derived via cross-breeding and that is what makes them more prone to serious and unknown health-related issues. Since no one is well aware of their genetic history, this makes it hard even for the vets to recognize the kind of diseases they suffer from.


  • Pigs often tend to stay in their natural environment and to make them get adjusted to living in a socialized environment is a hard task which requires a lot of time. A pet pig demands wholesome attention from its owner. Although it is also very affectionate giving so much time to a pet is not an easy task for everyone.


  • Many cities of the United States and Canada disallow keeping pigs as pets because these are considered to be livestock animals. Keeping a pig as a pet in such an area can get the owner into trouble when the pig needs medical supervision. Also, finding appropriate pig food would not be easy.


  • Miniature pigs are very expensive. Not only they cost high but their maintenance is also difficult. It is always advisable to get the pigs spayed. Their sterilization is an expensive and difficult process, also all their vaccinations are costly. This is not a one-time investment as it seems to be because the owners have to spend a hefty sum of money on their pig each year which is not a cup of tea for all.


Owning a pig may look like an easy task from outside but it is actually very hard. Pigs are just like small kids and their behavior remains the same forever, even when they grow big in size. All these reasons have accounted for their decreasing popularity. One has to be very cautious and well aware of all these factors before bringing home a so-called teacup pig.

Why People Prefer Teacup Pigs Over Dogs as Pets?

Teacup pigs are widely popular as pets in the United States and Canada. There are several reasons for their widespread popularity. They are small in size, noiseless and intelligent creatures which make them a great choice for the pet owners. They are very affectionate and playful. The witty nature of these pets is one of the main reasons which accounts for an extra point in their kitty.


Dogs are also very popular pet animals but pigs have the following advantages over the dogs:

  • Pigs do not make noise or do not bark. Sometimes, the barking of dogs can be annoying to the neighbors and for the owner as well. Therefore, when it comes to having a peaceful and less disturbing animal as a pet, pigs take a point ahead of dogs.
  • Pigs have very soft and fine hair on their body which never shed. This feature makes them a better option for those who have respiratory diseases or skin allergies. Dogs shed their hair a lot and it becomes very difficult for people with such problems to keep them as pets.
  • Teacup pigs are usually small in size and this serves as a big advantage.
  • Pigs are very clean animals. Their cleanliness is another point which makes them a better choice of pets as compared to dogs.
  • Pigs are very intelligent animals. They can recognize mirrors, remember the storage places of their food and also keep in mind that litter boxes are meant for urination and defecation (if trained to do so).


Having a pig as a pet is not at all easy because it is like having a little child in the house for the whole of its lifespan. This can be considered as both an advantage and a disadvantage as well. This is due to the fact that their childish nature makes them even more adorable. They quickly bond and show their love for their owners. However, just like a small child, they demand ample time and attention. If they do not get their time, they can scratch carpets or destroy household items in anger.


Since they are smart animals, they can better understand humans. They understand human emotions and grieve over deaths just like humans. In fact, scientists have found a great deal of similarity between the genetic structure of pigs and human beings.  They can bond faster in comparison with dogs. Moreover, their inclusion in the list of top 10 intelligent animals (where dogs are not included) is another cause for their widespread popularity.


Also, it is not possible to keep both a pig and a dog as pets. This is because pigs and dogs can never bond. Dogs have an instinctive dislike for pigs. Therefore, when it comes to choosing between a pig and a dog, people generally choose pigs. Even though they are not easy to handle, they still make great pets and one never gets tired of playing with this creature. All these reasons account for their preference as pets over dogs.


Teacup pigs: Why should you buy them?

In the United States, teacup pigs are vastly popular as pets. It is their small size and intelligent nature that accounts for their reputation as pets. The latter half of the 20th century saw the Vietnamese potbellied pigs becoming the most sought-after choice for domestication. This is an old story now. These pigs were crossbred with several other breeds as per requirement and now; the domesticated pigs usually do not have any clear history of their genetics.


Reasons for the popularity of teacup pigs

  • They live a very long life. If the owner takes proper care and keeps the animal in good condition, it can live as long as 20 years.
  • Their intelligent nature is one of the main reasons for its popularity. It can be tutored to urinate and defecate in proper litter boxes made for this purpose. This highly accounts for cleanliness.
  • It does not make noise and thus does not cause such disturbances as caused by cats and dogs.
  • It is suitable for households in which someone suffers from allergies or respiratory issues because it only has very fine hair which does not shed and cause problems.
  • It returns the love it gets from its owner. Teacup pigs are regarded as high for their lovable and friendly temperament.


Facts one should know before bringing home a teacup pig

  • One must be well aware of how large a fully-grown pig would be. This is one major problem faced by the owners because these pigs are tiny when little but grow up to be very big when they mature.
  • They require lots of time and attention. This is not the right pet for those who have a very busy schedule because one needs to look after their pet time and again.
  • Not all cities allow pigs to be kept as pets. It is very important to be well aware of the city rules before adopting a pig.
  • Their nutritional needs are different from those of other pets. Pig food is also not so easily available. For better health and long life of the pet, proper food enriched with the essential vitamins and minerals is required.
  • It should be well vaccinated with trimmed tusks (if required). In the case of some breeds, even spaying is required but this should be performed only by highly professional vets. They also need to undergo parasite treatments.


Adopting a miniature pig as a pet requires one to have a stable economic condition because its upbringing requires a lot of money. It may break household items, search through the refrigerator for food when hungry. Also, pigs are not very friendly with other animals. Dogs and pigs cannot be pleasant with each other. Therefore, the owners need to take care of their surroundings and needs before bringing in a teacup pig. Their hygiene and regular checkups are a must. If their hooves are not trimmed on time, can cause them pain. You can bring pigs home only if you’re sure about caring for them in the most appropriate way.

Teacup pigs & facts about them

Various breeds of small pigs are put in the category of teacup pigs. Teacup pigs are often classified as domestic pigs. Pot-bellied pigs, Göttingen mini pigsJuliana pigsChoctaw hogsPennywell miniature or kunekunes are the breeds that come under this category.


Use of Teacup Pigs in Medical Research

The primary fields where teacup pigs have been used are toxicology, experimental surgery, pulmonology, pharmacology, xenotransplantation, cardiology, and aging studies. Pigs are highly intelligent and can be easily settled in a laboratory. They are used to study human diseases. Scientists are working out the possibility of utilizing pigs’ hearts in human heart organ transplant surgeries. For this, they are working to genetically mutate the tissues of these pigs so that the human immune system can accept them. This research has been going on since the 1960s.


Creation of New Breeds of Teacup Pigs

Crossbreeding has also been performed on these pigs such as the Vietnamese Potbelly pig, the Minnesota mini pig, and the German Landrace pig were crossbred to develop the mini-sized version of domestic pig in the world named Göttingen mini pig in scientific terms. This development was done at the Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics at the University of Göttingen, Germany in the late 1960s.


Why are Miniature Pigs Kept as Pets?

Owing to their small size and intelligent nature, they are often kept as pets. The mini pigs that are domesticated can vary in weight from 50 lbs. to 200 lbs. To have a better idea about how large a fully-grown pig would be, a person could try to have a look at the parent or grandparent of the pig if possible. This is due to the fact that pigs take a very long time period to fully mature and, in many cases, even the parent pigs have not been fully grown. Pigs that are kept as pets are usually taught to urinate and defecate in trash containers. These animals bond well with humans and show their love and affection towards them.


In the US, different areas have different laws enforced as to whether pigs can be domesticated or not. Some areas only allow pigs to be domesticated as livestock and not as a pet. Ordinances of a few towns and cities do not permit the farm animals within the limits of the city. This varies from location to location.


What do These Pigs Eat?


There is a misconception that pigs can feed upon the leftover food. Like other pets, even pigs require nutritious food that contains all the vitamins and minerals. Pigs have a tendency to eat everything. They should be made to eat proteins and fibers which constitute of grains and green leaves. The owner must take care that fish, milk, bones, seeds, bananas and dog food should not be eaten by the pig. For a long and healthy life of these pigs, the consumption of wholesome food is essential. However, it is hard to find pig food in commercial stores. You can get it with the help of any vet expert in your city.

What are the benefits of owning a teacup pig?

In the beginning, these small sized pigs were bred for the reason of performing the medical research. The trend of these animals as pets rose in the 1980s and these adorable animals started gaining popularity all over the world. Even the celebrities started loving them and kept them at home. These creatures can be a great choice for the people thinking of buying the close associate. Mini pigs are wonderful animals and the best pets. You can admire them for their loving nature and the intelligence they possess.

Benefits of owning a teacup pig

  • Small Size

Teacup pigs are very small in size in comparison to the huge farm pigs. They reach a maximum size of 16 inches and with a weight of 65 pounds. It would be similar to the mid-sized dog at your home. They can be easily carried from one place to the other and won’t consume much space in your house. They will love you wholeheartedly and expect the same amount of love from your side. You can easily carry them to different places and even take them on short walks. Even if you’re living alone in a small apartment, these animals are easy to keep and won’t demand huge space in the home.

  • Longer life

Teacup pigs have a longer lifespan. These are much above the dogs and cats in terms of the lifespan. You can give them a good health by choosing good diet and schedule for them. They can easily live up to 15-18 years and would allow you to have a long and steady relationship for a longer time.

  • Clean animals

Unlike the other pig types, miniature pigs are clean animals. They are not dirty in any way and much hygienic than the other household pets. They don’t have fur on their body and hence, get no fleas like cats and dogs. It is not difficult to litter train them and they will understand your actions very well. You don’t have to worry about messes in your home with these little animals. There would be no fur spread in the house, as in the case of other pets. However, it is always an issue with these animals to open drawers or peek into the kitchen in the search for food. You can take care of these things to avoid fuss in your house and train them to behave well and act well.

  • Loving personalities

Teacup pigs are cute and have a loving attitude towards everyone in the family. They are very affectionate and would cuddle you with all the love. You’ll find them witty and loyal to their masters. They can be trained like dogs and won’t have any behavioral issues. You can term them as perfect companions for their families. They can even go well with other pets and all the family members.

If you’ve decided that teacup pigs are perfect for you, learn about the right ways to select the most appropriate pet for your home. There are some tips to find out the appropriate pet for your home. It is important to ‘pig-proof’ your home before bringing the pet. Mini pigs are very curious and intelligent and hence, your home has to be well-prepared before bringing them home. The toxic animals, electric wires, and open food have to be kept in safe position to avoid accidents.

Find a reputed breeder

Whenever you are buying any pet, it is important to check the source from which you are making the purchase or adoption. You need to make sure that the pet’s parents are micro pigs as the adult look of the pigs can be estimated by the appearance of the parents. The price of the pig should be relevant and not too high. The pigs are sold at a very high price by some breeders and they follow the greedy ways of selling their mini pigs.

It could be a tempting option for the buyer to go for a cheap pig but don’t think that cheaper would always be better. There are many fake sellers who can give you the small pig at low prices but when the baby pig grows big, it becomes an unmanageable hefty animal which can’t be kept at home. So, beware of such cases and buy your pig only from a renowned or trusted breeder.

Super Fun Pets

Teacup pigs are the best pets and would become your companion for a long time. You will have to give your time to the pigs and wholehearted efforts to train them to become best pets. The new teacup pig can be given love and care that it deserves. The baby pig will require your efforts in the beginning and it will soon learn about your family and routine.

Teacup pigs are very funny. These are the best pets owned by a person. They will require ample of your time and attention in the beginning, just like a little baby in the house. They will love to cuddle and need their personal area in the house in the form of small bedding. You can litter train them only when they are a few days old. They would love to play with their toys and it would be great to give them some for entertainment. Even if you don’t stay at home for the whole day, these little creatures are easy to keep and fun to plinitially bred foray with.

Some people say that teacup pigs are unreal or starved pot belly pigs. The real breeders can give you the right response on the same. These are the animals which can be seen on major TV shows and even celebrities choose to keep them. These creatures are so cute that you’d feel like hugging them and enjoy their company in every way. They are easy to feed and you can give them the pig-food referred by the veteran. It would be really adventurous for a pet lover to keep the loving pet in their home.

Information about Teacup Pigs

The teacup pigs are mini in size in comparison to the farm hogs. The miniature form of pigs is suitable to be kept at home. The size of a teacup pig is approximately equal to that of a small sized dog. They have solid and compact bodies. The weight of the pig is about 60 pounds when adult.

Teacup pigs are named so because of their tiny size when newborn. In the beginning, you can’t determine the adult size of the pig. There are some feeding techniques and exercises meant for the pig to reach their desired size. The genetic factor is important to determine the size of the pig. The pig’s weight can be affected by overfeeding, exercise lacking and improper feeding timings. It is required to check the appearance of the parents of the pig to get an idea about the size of the baby pig.

There are many breeders doing wrong practices for selling their pets. The potbellies will stay small in size if you feed them in the limit. Don’t fall for their scams and choose the right person to buy the teacup pig. These special pigs are very loving and will take your heart away with their cute habits. There is a huge trend of these little animals in America and other nations. The best thing about teacup pigs is that they can be easily kept in small spaces and apartments. Unlike some varieties of dogs, these animals don’t require too much space to live in the house.

Lifespan of Teacup Pigs

The lifespan of an average mini pig is approximately 15 years. There is no certain age for any animal but the care, vaccination, food schedule and exercising have a lot of impact on the lifespan of these animals. The oldest teacup pig was about 20 years old. Mini pigs have been on trend for the year 1985. These have been the unique animals and will be better companions than dogs or cats in many ways.

Height & Weight

The average height of a teacup pig will be 16-20 inches which are similar to the height of a mid-sized dog. The measurement of height can be done with the measuring tape or girth measurement.

Some teacup pigs have a plump appearance due to a bigger structure. The slender and athletic outlook of these pigs will blow your mind away. The pig doesn’t have to be very heavy as it will be unable to walk properly and it will have a bad health. These pigs don’t have fur on their body and instead have hair on the skin which makes them anti-allergic. The overweight pig is indicated by the folds of fat around the eyes.

Mini Pigs Types

Potbellied pig is the most common category for mini pigs. These are also termed as Chinese potbellied pigs, mini pot belly pig or Vietnamese potbellied pig. Some pigs are bigger in size and have shape and size similar to farm pig.

These can’t be kept at home and are better for a farm area. There is another name ‘Guinea Hog’ and it is a bit taller and thinner than the former one. These are hairy and more in weight than the potbellied pigs.

Teacup pigs are thought of the underfed and malnourished potbellied pigs. They have smaller body organs and grow normally in size. The teacup pigs are famous in the United States.

Water Access

Pigs need water all the time. They have hair on the body and can’t perspire due to which water consumption is very important to them. Some pigs drink ample of water daily and some might not take a lot. It depends on the capacity of the pets to drink the fluids and each pet is different in this aspect. There are special bowls available in the pet stores for enabling easy access to water.

Bedding & Blankets

Pigs love to have their personal bedding and blankets. They love to hide in the blankets and snuggle with them. They love to play with the blankets by dragging them & playing with them. The bedding has to be comfortable and at one position. You can use the old blankets for designing the pet bedding. When they get older, they will love their personalized area and will roam about in that direction. Addition of more blankets in their bedding will make them feel warm. They will have their rooting with the blankets and it provides insulating warmth for the little pig.

Pig proofing the home

Pigs are highly intelligent and can figure out about anything very soon. If there is a place where they can reach for food, they will find the quickest ways to do so. It is important to keep the closets and kitchen cupboards child-proof with proper locks on them.

Litter training

The litter-box training is important for every pet and teacup pigs are no different. The dog litter boxes are different and the ones available for cats are more suitable for litter training. In the early stages of life, you’ll have to train your pet for littering at the right spot. If there is a backyard in the house, litter training can be done outside. The litter box inside the house has to be kept clean and it can be installed at any free spot in the house. There can be wood chips or recycled newspaper used for handling the litter.

Recreation & Entertainment

Pigs really enjoy watching TV and listening to music. Some owners put the music on when away, to keep the pig entertained.


Piglets will have to get vaccination on regular basis and the veterinary specialist will keep a track of the pig health. Check with your vet after you arrive home with your new piggy and get their vaccination card for keeping a track of their injection schedule.

The male piglets are neutered and females are spayed before getting to their home. The surgical processes are required for the same. It is for eliminating the growth of tusks in males and menstrual issues in female pigs.

Myths associated with teacup pigs

Teacup pigs are basically a myth if you think that they would remain very tiny throughout their life. There are practically no breeds called teacup pigs and it is a common name given to the pigs as they are too small to fit into a tea mug at their newborn stage. The breeders can advertise them by giving them any name like nano pig, micro-pig, teacup pig or anything similar but you need to make sure that these pigs are marketing elements for the people who love to keep the smaller and newer category of pets.

This would be the wrong thing from the end of the breeder if they tell you that the pig would remain the same. The reality is that the pig will grow in the size till three years of their life. So, it is impossible to determine their exact size after they become adults. The biggest goal is to give a representation of the pigs in a way that they will grow up to a mid-sized dog. This means that you will need ample space for the pig and appropriate food for their growth in the right direction. Usually, teacup pigs are underfed to refrain their growth but you have to take care of the nutrition of the pig to make them fit. The biggest goal of the owner is to keep the pig small in size and at the same time, keep them rid of any health issues.

‘Mini Pigs’ are smaller than the standard farm pigs. The term could be misleading for some but these pigs are a way reduced in size than the potbellied farm pigs. Pigs have different sizes, colors, and shapes. They are genetically smaller and might come across health issues if not taken care of in the right way. There are no DNA tests to check the ancestry of the pigs and they would mature at an early age of three months to reproduce. They are witty animals who would understand your instructions, routine and everything about your house very easily. You will have to give them a lot of love and care in the beginning to bond well. After you get associated with them, they will have a good routine and follow it even when you are away from home.

Teacup pigs are the best pets for keeping even in smaller areas. Generally, pigs require their own space and even a small corner in your apartment or home will be good for them. These animals require their personal bedding and a rooting space. If you’re going out to your office, leave toys with them and switch on your TV to get the right going. Pigs are lovable in every way and they will become your best buddies. It is actually not true that they would remain too small. Try to find a reputed breeder to get the right breed of micro pig which will become your family member and stay with you for a longer period.


Skin Disorders in Micro Pigs

Skin problems are quite common for the pigs. There could be minor or uncomplicated issues associated with the pigs or it might be severe infections leading towards huge pain for the pig owner as well as the pet itself. There are some of the most common disorders mentioned by the pig experts which could lead to chronic skin disorders for the pigs. These hypoallergenic animals have dry skin which even sheds on their bedding or the ground. It is more noticeable in the ‘house pigs’ rather than the outside pigs. When the pig is seen scratching its body, it gives a signal that it might have skin infections or mites attacking their body. Sarcoptic mites stay inside the skin of the pigs by making tunnels over the skin area and it leads to burning and itchy sensation for the pigs. The scratching done by the pigs can open a space for bacterial or viral infections. Demodex mites get into the glands and hair follicles and the bacteria affects the skin. The untreated or unnoticed infection starts commonly around the nose area and spreads from the eyes to the whole body.

Pig Rust

This is a common term used by the pig community. This is basically the accumulated hair, skin flakes, oils, and dirt on the pig sin and is often confused with mites. In this case, there is skin scraping done by the vet to check the level of pig rusting. It is never preferable to rub the pig with the cleaning solutions as it might have a negative impact on the skin. You can do gentle exfoliation of the skin and that too with the consultation of the veterinary doctor. Pig rust is more visible on the colored pigs.

Seasonal Shedding

Pigs usually shed hair during the weather change. It is quite normal as the pigs face seasonal blowing of the coat. There might be multiple times in a year (most commonly summer and spring season) when the pigs blow the coats. It could even be due to vitamin deficiency which is treated easily by the veterinary experts. Worm patches and other problems might require your serious consideration.


This is a common infection associated with the pigs. There are anti-fungal medications applied to the skin of the pigs to get rid of the ringworm. Ringworm can be due to the direct contact with the infected animal or some carriers. The combination of oral medication and topical creams is given to treat the worms. The veterinary experts prescribe mild products for the pigs to make them worm free.


It is easy for the pigs to get a sunburn in the hot and sunny areas. They are fond of sunbathing and rooting in the outside space. The pigmentation might occur on their body which leads to sunburns.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is prevalent in the pigs which are exposed too much to the heat and sunlight. Sunscreen is required for the pigs to get saved from the harmful rays of the sun. The signals of skin cancer are commonly seen behind the ears and even has an impact on shoulders, abdomen and the back area.


Mini Pig health status

Mini pigs are adorable creatures and could be kept at home. The owners need to keep their pets in a good health by taking care of them in the best way. You need to make sure that you keep the track of the vaccinations of the baby pig and get them associated with the best veterinary expert. Any living being could become sick and dealing with the ill pig is really difficult under all the aspects.

You need to have an emergency plan for your pig. First aid tricks can be understood from the doctor and in case of any odd activity by the pet, it is advisable to take them to the doctor. Don’t just switch on the mobile or laptop to consult the social media users about the pig’s symptoms. The pig might get well for a few days but ultimately, the root cause has to be considered for the unhealthy pig.

In some cases, the pigs are transported from their core location to the owner’s place in an inappropriate way. It is never recommended to transport the baby pigs without the correct measures, food, and packaging. As soon as the pig reaches the owner, they should be immediately taken to the veterinary expert to examine and get a health card enlisting details about the health status of the pig. It will even enable you to know the dos and don’ts for the pig and you can understand their health status in detail. There is a lot of information available about the pigs on the web but it doesn’t mean that the owner can handle everything in their own way. The emergency situation for pigs need to be identified and the owner could take actions on their own.

There are some common diseases and problems requiring appropriate actions by the pet owners. The vet will give you the list of common problems and the first-aid that could be given to the pigs. It is important for the owner to know about these pigs well before bringing them home. It will enable them to find the right way to deal with the issues. If the pig is behaving abnormal or not eating or drinking properly, there is something wrong with it. The normal body temperature of mini pigs is lesser than the farm pigs. It is essential for the pig to behave normally and even excrete out daily for balanced health.

There could be some behavioral issues with the pigs which quickly need your attention. The pigs’ body temperature range is 98-100 and it shows some awkward traits on getting unhealthy. The baseline body temperature of every pig is different. It will behave indifferently if not treated well. The underfed and overfed pigs usually get issues in their body. The immunity of the body becomes affected by uncared pets. The pig’s well being must be vital for every pet owner and being a parent to their pet, they are responsible for every activity of their baby pig.

Outdoor & Indoor pens for pigs


Outdoor Fencing

The major purpose of the outdoor structure (pen) is to secure your piglet. The protection could be done in different ways. The pet needs to be secured from rain, cold or hot weather, wind, and other elements. They also need to be protected from the predators, including dogs, bears, wolves or other wildlife posing a threat against the animals. It is never favorable to open the gate of your outside area for the pig as it could lead to an accident and create an awkward situation for the pig. Some neighbors even don’t like the pets and hence, the pig should never pose any problem for them to irritate them.

Protection of the pet is the major focus of a parent. You must lock your gate and keep the pets safe. Pigs are very strong and you need strong fencing for them. They will have an urge to go outside due to their curious nature. Some people go with privacy fencing and others might opt for chain fences. There are hog panels and posts designed to make your pet in the right area. Many ways are designed for the pets to give them their own space in the most adequate manner. The basic concept is to secure that area and make the fencing to limit your pig’s movement to a particular area.

There are basic and customized pens available for the pigs to keep them safe. A well-constructed and private pen is always a point of strength for the pig. It is important to keep the backyards ideal to keep the pig in the right place. The fencing options would work differently for all and there are many ideas available online to check out the most relevant option for the outdoor pen for your pet.

Indoor Fencing

For the people living in smaller houses or apartments, the pig shelter ideas need to be different. The ideal conditions for the pig require adequate weather and ideal situations. Some pigs are too notorious and ruin everything at the house by exploring the things. They get into the trash can, food areas, freezer, and the cabinets in the search of food and exploring the things. They love their own safe area and goes there for sleeping. Every pig feels comfortable in their blanket and bedding. They don’t like to get disturbed while resting and a corner in the house is enough to make them happy. The minipig fans are aware of the need of their indoor space and they even make their home child proof to avoid the pig to consume unnecessary eatables.

It is important to make your pigs understand the word ‘NO’ as they need to be trained in an appropriate way. The pigs should be trained for better security at home and give a nice feel to the people around. Pig pens inside the home can be the right way to give a unique place to the pig and make them secured in every possible way.