Are Teacup Pigs Troublesome?

No one can ignore that teacup pigs are super cute animals and people love to keep them as pets. They are regarded as highly intelligent animals who can bond with humans well. Having a teacup pig in the house is however not all roses. Often it is said that teacup pigs are troublesome animals and should not be kept as pets. This review varies from person to person. Here, we will discuss the troubles related to keeping teacup pigs as pets:


  • Is the existence of teacup pigs a hoax?

Finding actual teacup pigs is hard or in other words, teacup pigs do not exist. This contradicts with what actually people demand. Very few breeders are capable of producing actual teacup pigs. Mostly, to increase the sale of pet pigs, breeders do not feed them properly or keep them starved. This causes them to look small because of being malnourished. Therefore, it is true that finding a real teacup pig is hard and these pigs grow up to be very large after a few years. Sometimes, they grow so large that it becomes difficult to keep them inside the home. This is how many pigs are left homeless. Therefore, if one wants to buy a teacup pig, one must be prepared that it can grow up to be very large in size and that is not so easy to handle.


Even the parent pigs are in most of the cases, malnourished. One cannot have any reliability in such a case as it is of buying a teacup pig. Pigs mainly grow in size and their behavior usually remains the same. Therefore, handling the tantrums of a small pig and big pig is not the same. This is actually troublesome for the ones who are busy.


  • Teacup pigs are like small kids

These pigs behave as if a small child is there in the house. They want their owners to run after them, play with them and do a lot of stuff with them. In short, they demand ample time from their owners. They also reciprocate the love they get from their owners but in the busy lives of today, it is hard to devote so much time to a pet. The problem arises when lack of time causes the pig to become aggressive and it starts hampering things. This turns out to be very difficult for the owner because bringing up a pig is already very expensive and if it starts breaking things, it becomes even more disturbing. Due to such reasons, many people leave their pigs and this is not at all a good thing to do. It is better not to purchase a pig if one cannot give time.


These main troubles are usually faced by the owners and if these points do sound relatable, then one must not go for a teacup pig and look for some other pet instead. Troubles for someone may not be the same for everyone. Therefore, it is always better to be aware of almost everything before buying a teacup pig.

Use of Teacup Pigs in Medical Research

Apart from being popular as pets, teacup pigs have made their way into medical research too and this dates back to the 1960s. Their intelligent nature is one of the reasons behind this because they are easy to settle in a laboratory. Also, they share a very similar genetic structure with human beings, due to which massive research has been going on them. They also share a similar anatomical structure with the comparable working of digestive, urinary and cardiovascular systems.


Teacup pigs have replaced dogs, monkeys, and horses in the field of research in the past few years. This not only has chances of benefitting the humans, but new breeds of these pigs have been developed with the desired features. The main fields in which teacup pigs have been used are:

  • Experimental surgery
  • Toxicology
  • Pharmacology
  • Xenotransplantation
  • Pulmonology
  • Cardiology
  • Aging studies


How are the breeds selected for research purposes?


For the reason of ease, various breeds were cross-bred to get smaller versions. Moreover, the sexual maturity age, growth rate and size of various organs were found to be different in domestic farm pig breeds and teacup pig breeds. Small-sized pigs are always preferred over the ones with large size because it is quite simple to work with them. Also, the growth rate is faster of mini pigs and they become sexually active at a very young age. All these factors make teacup pigs very suitable for use in medical research. Also, a lot of cross-breeding helped in the development of various breeds that are now widely popular as pets. Their small size was not only an advantage for the scientists but helped the pigs gain popularity as domestic pet animals.


Anatomical Similarities between Pigs and Human Beings


Many animals have been used in medical research before pigs but pigs share maximum anatomical and physical features with humans more than any other animal. Pigs have their digestive, cardiovascular and urinary systems quite similar to those of humans. This is a very big reason as to why these are preferred over dogs and other animals previously used.


They are known to share a very similar cardiovascular system with humans along with similar genetic structures. Scientists are trying to use the pig’s heart in human heart transplantation operations. Scientists are trying to mutate the genes of the pig so that the organ suits the human body well without any complications. Similarly, the gastrointestinal system, reproductive system, lungs, pancreas, liver, and kidneys of the pigs are alike to those of the human body. Even the skin of the pigs is found to share parallel characteristics with the human skin.


Such factors account for the use of teacup pigs as models in modern biomedical research. These are safe while performing experiments on them and have shown better results than any other animal. Currently, pigs are considered as one of the best animal models for research. It is significant that in the upcoming few years, medical science will be able to perform the desired operations with these miniature pigs.

Things to do with a Teacup Pig

Having a teacup pig as a pet can be a pleasurable experience if one takes proper care and keeps the pig healthy. A pig is a steady buddy for humans since its lifespan is quite long. There are certain things and activities that every owner must do with their pig so that the pig does not feel bored and also does not disturb anyone. Pigs are basically livestock animals so they need to be treated quite differently. One cannot expect a pig to act in a similar way, as the pet dogs and cats behave. Their distinct demands and behavior are something that needs to be well understood and accepted as well.


It is necessary for the pig to do activities that enhance it. This keeps the pig healthy and also happy. The pig gets less irritated if it is engaged. Owners can make their pig active by employing them in certain goings-on such as:


  • Treat Balls (Dispensers)

Several treat balls are available and they come in various different sizes, shapes movements. Also, the ones for pigs are different from those available for dogs and cats. All types of food get into such balls. One may put pig pellets, seeds, nuts, popcorn, low-sugar food or anything in the balls. Pigs like to root and then they are given treats.


  • Rooting

Pigs have a natural urge for rooting. This can be made a fun activity for them by giving them a sandbox. In that, one can place small food items for the pig to find and eat. The pig, however, should not eat sand. This thing must be taken care of for sure. Also, small rocks, stuffed toys, blankets and such stuff may be kept. This stuff should consist of items that the pig cannot eat. This activity keeps the pig happy. Similarly, instead of sand, a hay pile or box may be used.


  • Blankets

Pigs love playing with blankets in their beds. Blankets serve as wonderful toys for pigs because they like to roll inside and play with them.


  • Toys

Toys such as stuffed toys or toys that make sounds that are used for infants are the ones that the pigs love to play with.


  • Water pool

Pigs like to have a small pool of their own wherein they like to take dips when the weather is too hot. This is both healthy and keeps the pig engaged. In summers, it is important for the pigs to stay hydrated because they do not perspire and taking water dips helps them maintain their water balance.


  • Mud Playing

Playing with mud is another activity that the pigs enjoy a lot. This is a summer activity and the pigs love to spend time playing in the mud but the owner should make sure that the pig has a nice bath after playing so that it does not catch hold of any infections.


These are some activities that keep the pet engrossed. Food treats given in different ways are well enjoyed by the pigs. Owners can come up with different ideas and help the pig stay happy and healthy.

Skin Problems of Teacup Pigs

There are many things about a pig’s skin which makes it a great pet such as it does not shed any of its hair but just like any other animal, it too can catch hold of certain skin diseases. It is very common for the pig to catch skin problems and these must be treated well within time. There are various skin diseases of pigs that do not cause harm if caught on time. The owners must always take care and keep a watch on the skin and the behavior of their pets so that they are never late in finding out about a problem.

Some of the most common skin ailments are stated below in detail:


  • Skin Dryness

This is the most common problem that occurs in pigs. When the pig food is deficient in fatty acids, it causes dryness on the pigs’ skin. Giving a diet rich in fatty acids will make the skin better. If in any case, it is due to some other cause, then Vitamin E can be increased in their diet. Commercially available fat food can also be given. However, if it still does not get better, a vet must be consulted.


  • Sunburns

Pigs that have very little pigment in their skin, suffer from sunburns. This too is a very common problem in pigs. These are white tiny spots on the pig’s body. A vet must be consulted so that suitable medicine can be given at the right time to give relief to the pig.


  • Mange Mites and Sarcoptic Mange

Mites attack the skin of the pig causing mange mites. This condition causes redness and irritation on their skin and can be easily soothed by applying a de-wormer. In the case of scabies or sarcoptic mange, medical supervision is required because it causes the skin to become thick, flaky, crusty scabbed and red. The pig becomes lethargic and starts losing weight. These symptoms must be caught hold of as soon as possible and the pig must be taken to a skilled veterinary doctor. Proper vaccinations can cure this problem. During the time the pig is infected, it must be kept away from people and other things because this infection can even spread to humans.


  • Parakeratosis

This is a serious skin problem that requires attention. It does not cause itching but causes the skin to become thick, crusty and scaly. When the pig’s diet consists of more amount of baked food, it causes zinc and fatty acid deficiency. In this condition, a vet usually gives zinc and fatty acids food supplements.


  • Yeast Dermatitis

Scabies, parakeratosis, and yeast dermatitis are three similar conditions and the vet must be professional enough to differentiate. When several yeasts are present on the body of a pig, it causes itchiness on the skin and can be easily treated by using an anti-fungal shampoo to bathe the pig.


Skin problems are quite ordinary in the case of pigs but they need attention and must be treated well within time because in some of the cases, these even can affect other people around who come in contact. It is the diet that matters in many cases and a pig must be fed with a balanced diet so that it does not catch infections.

Teacup Pigs and their Health Issues

Teacup pigs are widely famous as pets in the United States. These mini pigs make very good pets and pet-lovers look forward to having one in the house. However, just like any other animal, this creature is prone to certain health issues that the owner needs to take care of. It is better if the pig is well checked before buying that it already does not have any ailment. In such a case, it becomes difficult to take care of the animal and it lives a very short life. Here are some health problems a pig may come across:


  • Overeating and Obesity

This is one of the most common problems of teacup pigs. Pigs love to eat and they do not mind overeating. Even a large amount of nutritious food can make the teacup pig fat. This itself is a health issue and invites many other problems. A responsible owner should give a balanced diet to the pig, which contains all the nutrients in the right quantity. Also, the pig should be made to exercise regularly so that it remains fit.


  • Constipation
    Constipation is a common problem that affects the pig. It can be easily treated at home with home remedies such as giving a hundred percent pure canned pumpkin to the pig gives it relief. If the problem does not get better with homely remedies, one must consult the vet well within a few days.


  • Infections in the Urinary Tract

Males are more prone to this problem as compared to females although any of the sexes may acquire this infection. These infections, if caught at the right time at an early stage, are not so harm causing and can be easily treated. It can be detected when the eating and drinking habits of the pet become different. Also, one must keep in check its urine, as the color and odor of the urine, if these are different; it is a matter of concern. The pig may become irritating or lethargic due to this problem and must be taken to the vet as soon as possible for effective treatment.


  • Skin Related Problems

Pigs catch skin related infections quite often. This is due to the fact that they have sensitive skin. Sunburns are very common and the pig’s skin can be relieved by applying coconut oil which smoothens the dryness caused due to sunburns. Also, mites may stick onto their skin which causes a lot of irritation to them. This is known as mange mites. De-wormer is easily available which gives them relief on applying. Regular check-ups can help in avoiding skin problems.


All these problems can be treated well if the owner is well aware of these issues. The owners must recognize the symptoms and act accordingly so that the problem does not increase. Having the proper knowledge and taking the appropriate action at the right time is the most responsible thing an owner can do in order to ensure that the pet lives a long and healthy life.

Laws Linked with Teacup Pigs

Bringing a teacup pig home sounds very fascinating and these pigs do make lovely pets. There are certain laws associated with them about which one needs to be well aware of before adopting a miniature pig. There are zonal, corporate and travel laws which must be followed by the owner to avoid any complications. These laws are mentioned in detail below:


  • Zonal Laws

There are many cities in the United States which do not allow keeping pigs as pets. Pigs are not permissible within the limits of the city. It is very important to follow these laws. A pet pig must have full permission by the authorities so that it can be domesticated. In many cities, people protested and became successful in making pigs legal as pets. Pet is such a creature that cannot be hidden from the eyes of people for too long. Therefore, it is better not to bring a pig home unless one is utterly sure that the animal’s arrival would not bring any legal issues.


  • Laws Related to Travel of Pigs

Not all states allow the pigs to cross the lines of that state just like that. Some state laws require the blood test or other identifications to be done before allowing the animal to enter the state. Also, it is important for the owner to follow the CVI, i.e. Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. Pigs are believed to carry diseases and all these are the protection measures taken to avoid the residents from catching any sort of ailment.


  • Corporation Related Laws

These laws protect domestic animals against any sort of violence. Pigs are not allowed to be tortured under any circumstances because pet animals are to be treated way differently from farm animals. Causing any harm to the pet can lead to severe penalization. Many groups and organizations run throughout the United States against animal cruelty which must be stopped at all costs.


  • Law of Personal Injury

The owner has to take all charges if in any case the pig bites a person or harms any other public or private property. If any such case arises, legal actions can be taken against the owner. To avoid any such complications, one must get the pig well vaccinated. If the pig catches a disease, it must be immediately treated so that it does not spread. The owner may have to bear the expenses if any public property or someone’s private property is damaged.


Therefore, these are some essentially important laws that one must definitely be aware of before getting the mini pig home. They are still resented in certain areas and problems can be caused due to the same. These laws have been made keeping in mind the safety of both; the citizens and the animal. These laws also help to prevent unjustified crimes against animals. The owners should abide by these laws to keep themselves and their pets safe and away from any kind of hurdle.

Teacup Pigs and Myths Associated with them

Teacup pigs are very famous as pets in Canada and the United States. There was a time when their popularity was at the peak but then it suddenly started decreasing. There are several reasons for this, some are valid while there are numerous myths too that are associated with this little animal.

Following are the various myths linked with this animal:


Size of a Teacup Pig


The greatest concern in the case of teacup pigs is their size. They are very small at the time they are adopted but they grow up to be very large when they fully mature. Sometimes they grow so large that they have to be taken out of the house and this, in turn, leads to many pigs losing their homes. This is a myth because if the pig grows large in size, it never was a teacup pig and was only made to look so. It is true that many farmers make the pigs starve or do not breed them properly so they look small but then their actual size is revealed when they reach the age of maturation.


Not all pigs are safe for crossbreeding. A lot of knowledge and expertise is required to get the desired teacup pigs. If proper breeds are mixed, the resulting pig is healthy and safe but usually, this thing is not taken proper care of.


Therefore, it is very necessary that when one buys a pig, it should be bought from a reputed place where you get the right miniature pig. The actual teacup pigs remain small-sized forever, even when they are fully grown up.


Most of the pigs that are nowadays available are not really teacup pigs. So yes, one must be wide awareness about the fact that it can grow in size but then it’s not a teacup pig for sure.


The small size was the main reason why teacup pigs became popular as pets but now it has become the greatest reason why people avoid buying these pigs as some of the promises made by the sellers were actually fake.


Myths concerning their cleanliness and intelligence


Quite often it is said that pigs are dirty and dumb animals. It is actually entirely opposite because pigs are very tidy animals and also come under the list of top ten most intelligent animals. Pigs love to play in mud but they are easy to bathe, unlike dogs. They are intelligent animals and bond with humans very well. They enjoy listening to music and can even get choosy for the same. They also like to watch television shows sitting with their owners. It can be well concluded that bringing a pig home is bringing an intelligent creature that can well understand its owner and also revert back the love it gets.


These are the two main myths that are connected to teacup pigs and between these; the size of the pig is the main reason for its decreasing demand. Pigs are and have always been very lovable and witty animals. One must definitely take care of the pros and cons linked with them before buying a pig but no pig should be left homeless due to many reasons because after all, animals deserve to be loved if they are adopted.

Food and Nutrition of Teacup Pigs

Pigs are very popular and adorable pets. The owner should take proper care of them because their needs are different from that of other pets such as cats and dogs. Especially it’s their food which requires attention. Their nutritional requirements need to be monitored well for their good health.


The main problem that one faces is that proper pig food is not easily available everywhere and pigs are likely to feed upon anything that comes their way which is not good for them. These are omnivorous animals so they need to have a balanced diet enriched with proper nutrients so that they thrive healthily.


Following are the food items that should be included in a pig’s diet:

  • Green leaves and grains are rich in protein and pigs’ bodies require a good enough amount of protein. Therefore, it must be an essential part of a pig’s diet.
  • Fruits like apple, grape, date, kiwi, lemon, jackfruit, nectarine, guava, mango, melon, papaya, orange, and raisins can be given in adequate amount. Grapes serve as a nutritious food for them because pigs do not perspire and grapes help them in severely hot weather to keep the water balance of the body fine.
  • Pig pellets can be found in commercial shops and this is a good diet but it cannot be found everywhere, so a natural diet can also work if everything is given in an appropriate amount.
  • Vegetables like radish, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, pumpkin, zucchini, cucumber, celery, asparagus, artichoke, and parsnip are good for a pig’s health.
  • Water should be given to the pig frequently to keep its body hydrated since it does not sweat. Feeding water minimum 3-4 times a day is important for its wellbeing.


Following food items must be avoided:

  • Dog food and cat food should never be given to a pig. Although these foods are easily available these are not suited for a pig’s body. Pigs’ nutritional needs are very different from those of dogs and cats.
  • Seeds of plants such as apple and bear should be avoided. Also, raw beans contain a poisonous substance for pigs in them and should not be given.
  • Salty foods must be avoided. Foods that are high in calories, sugar carbohydrate, and sodium content should be least given. These foods will make the pig gain weight and overweight causes serious problems to the health of the pig.
  • Other foods that should be avoided are meat, bones, offal, milk, and fish.
  • It is often believed that pigs can feed on the leftover food but pigs need a proper diet for their nourishment so leftovers should not be given to them.


Another thing that is very important is that it should be given food at proper intervals of time. Avoid overfeeding the pig because that causes the pig to become unfit and unhealthy. Regular exercise is important for this animal. Also, pigs demand treats and at such times, they should be fed with something special they like to eat. If one takes proper care of the diet of one’s pig, it helps the pig to remain healthy and live a long life.

Is a Teacup Pig the Right Pet for you?

Teacup pigs have been a very popular choice of pets in the United States and Canada since the late 20th century. Their small size, lovable and witty nature fascinates the people and they tend towards adopting this animal. However, this animal is not a good buy for everyone. There are many things one has to look upon before buying this animal.


Why buy a Miniature Pig?

  • Pigs have a very long lifespan that ranges from 15 to 20 years and in some breeds, even up to 25 long years. This shows this animal can serve as a constant companion to its owner for years.
  • Pigs are considerably more intelligent than other pet animals. They understand humans well and are even known to share similar genetic structure with humans. They love watching television shows and listening to music with their owners.
  • This animal is known for its cleanliness. It can be trained well as to where to pee and defecate. Special litter boxes can be made for this purpose. This animal learns such traits quickly.
  • It does not make any noise and does not cause a disturbance, unlike dogs and cats.
  • It has very smooth and fine hair on its body which does not shed at all. This feature makes it a safe pet even for the ones with skin allergies or breathing-related problems.


Why not buy a Miniature Pig?

  • Owning a teacup pig does not mean that it will remain small in size forever. In its lifetime, it can grow up to be very large in size. Many people render it homeless after it grows large in size. This should be taken care of before adopting the pig.
  • Pigs remain childish forever. Their presence is equal to the presence of a toddler in the house for years and years. The owner must be prepared to take care of a small child for a whole lot of 20 long years before buying a pig.
  • Pigs demand a lot of care, time and attention. For people with a busy lifestyle, this pet is certainly not a good choice since pigs can grow excessively aggressive if they are not given the love they expect to receive.
  • Since these pigs are childish, they tend to open up and search refrigerators for food, scratch walls, and carpets and also resort to breaking various things.
  • These pigs are a result of cross-breeding different breeds various times. This makes them devoid of any clear genetic account. Due to this, doctors find it hard to cure certain unknown diseases they incur.
  • Many cities and towns in the United States do not allow keeping pigs as pets. If one keeps it as a pet in such a locality, it can become a difficult task to find a vet for the pig if in any case, it acquires some health issue.


From this, we conclude that owning a pig is not as easy as it seems to be. There are certain pros and cons associated with the same. Therefore, the decision of adopting a pig must be made very wisely keeping in mind all the risks associated with it.

How to Take Care of Teacup Pigs?

Adopting a teacup pig is different from adopting a cat or a dog. It’s long lifespan and intelligent nature makes it a delightful pet to own. One needs to take care of the pig just the way one takes care of a little child. There are several important things the owners of miniature pigs must know that will help them take care of the animal better.


  • Shelter

Pigs need a separate home of their own. Therefore, a fenced area with a bed and blanket could be constructed in order to provide comfort to them. Also, the addition of some toys makes them very happy because many pigs play with toys and their blanket. A little pool would also be a great thing for this creature since it enjoys the water.


  • Food and nutrition

It is very important to take care of the food that a pig eats. Their diet is very different from that of other animals such as dogs and cats. They should be fed with lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits like apples and grapes can be given occasionally. Bananas, milk, fish, bones and meat should not be given to the pigs. Also, pigs like to receive special treats.


  • Time and attention

Just like small kids, pigs demand a lot of love, care and attention from their owners. The owner needs to give a lot of time and attention to its pig. One needs to play, cuddle and make the pig exercise for its good health regularly. If pigs are not given what they want, they can grow aggressive and that usually is not good because then the pig starts destroying things. Pigs are smart and they enjoy listening to the music of their choice and also love watching TV shows and movies sitting on the lap of their owner.


  • Health

Taking care of pigs’ health is a serious issue because most of these pigs are developed from cross-breeding and their genetic history is hard to find. Therefore, in many cases, if it falls sick, the vets are unable to treat it properly. It is also advisable to get the pig neutered because pigs breed at a very young age. This procedure must be performed only by an experienced doctor as it is painful for the pig to undergo this procedure and if not properly done, it can cause an everlasting pain in the animal’s body. It should also be well vaccinated because it is very prone to catching diseases.


  • Cleanliness

Although pigs are very clean animals, still they tend to get dirty and should be cleaned well before they catch any infection. Their hooves and tusks must be trimmed at regular intervals. Tusk trimming should be performed only by an expert because it causes long term pain to the pig.


Owning a teacup pig can be a heartwarming and enjoyable experience. They have a maximum lifespan of 20 years and they prove to be stable buddies to their owners. If one takes proper care of one’s pig, it proves to be a wonderful companion one can have.