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We have some of the world's smallest piglets!
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Why Owning Micro Pigs is Fun and Totally Worth It

When you heard of the word pig, people would normally imagine an exotic animal rolling in the mud. But, with the arrival of micro pigs, this notion has changed. Over recent years, keeping small pigs as pets have become hugely popular. And these tiny creatures have become a craze for pet lovers across the globe.

Micro pigs have been popular for the last 50 years when Vietnamese pot bellied pigs were used in medical research specifically in the fields of pharmacology, aging and toxicology. With their size, these mini pigs are easier to work with compared to larger farm pigs who usually weigh around 1000 pounds. Way back, these exotic tiny creates became zoological attraction because of their unusual appearance. Since then, the trend in pet pigs started.
Today, micro pigs are one of the “in” pets to own. Like cats and dogs, micro pigs are affectionate and can quickly adapt to new surroundings. In addition, they are easy to maintain. If you are thinking of getting a new member to the family, below is detailed information that will help you in your quest to acquiring this cute companion.
Micro piglets are the product of cross breeding between Gloucester Old Spot and Miniature Pot Bellied. Genetically bred to be small, they are bred generation by generation to select the smallest of the litter.

Micro Pig Facts:

-Micro pigs or teacup piglets weigh only 9 ounces at birth. 
-Micro piglets stand 12 to 16 inches tall when full grown.

-They weigh between 30 and 65 pounds when full grown.

Apart from their small stature, micro pigs make popular pets because:
They are intelligent, loyal and affectionate.
They are simply adorable.
Micro pigs are sociable and friendly.
They are low maintenance.
Micro pigs don’t make much noise.
They can be house trained.
Contrary to belief, micro pigs are very clean and never mess in their bedding.
Micro pigs are great alternative pets for people with allergies.
They do not carry fleas.

How to take care of your micro pigs:
Micro pigs have a lifespan between 15 to 20 years. Like human beings, they need food, shelter, love and care to survive. Before bringing home your new pet, it is important to piggy proof your house. Remove breakable objects and electric cords because pigs are curious by nature that they tend to get into anything within their reach. 


-Provide your micro pig a basket with blanket for comfort and protection. Also, prepare a safe outdoor area for fresh air and sunlight.

-A shady place is required for your pig to cool down should the weather gets hot.
-Do not forget to clean your pig’s own space on a daily basis.


-Use an appropriate feed for your micro pig. Since micro pigs skyrocketed as household pet, food specially formulated for them grow in abundance too. Feed your micro piglet the appropriate food to ensure your micro pig gets the proper nutrition it needs. In addition, observe proper diet as micro pigs are prone to obesity which can cause serious health problems. Special pig feeds can be bought online and from your local pet shops.

-A standard micro pig should be fed 1/2 cup of pig feed for every 25 pounds of body its weight.
-Supply your micro pig’s daily diet with fresh vegetables like potato, carrots, celery and cucumber. 
-You can also give your micro pet treats such as apples, pears, or grapes. However, fruits should be limited due to its high calorie content.
-Avoid feeding your micro pig foods with high salt content.
-Provide your micro pig a bowl of clean water every day.


-Take your micro pig outside for a walk at least once or twice daily to stay healthy and fit. Daily exercise prevents your pet from becoming lazy and aggressive.
-Be sure to provide your micro piglet a designated area to dig and root.

Skin Care

-Use baby oil, cream oils, or baby lotion to moisturize your micro pig’s skin. 


-Your micro piglet needs a regular bath especially during hot weather. Use a mild soap and shampoo to avoid irritating its skin and eyes.

Vet visit and check up

-Like any pet, your micro pig needs a thorough and regular check up for vaccinations, or neutering. Look for and arrange an appointment with a certified veterinarian who has proven experience with pigs. 

-Iron injections should be given as micro piglets are prone to becoming anemic. Consult your vet on the proper amount that should be administered.

-Have your micro piglet de-wormed once every 4 to 6 months.
- Regular visit to an animal doctor is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about your micro pig’s proper care, training and diet.


-It is a good idea to give your micro piglet an array of toys as they are the happiest when in an enriched environment with toys to play with.

Things to consider before buying your micro piglet:

1.Check first the zoning in your neighborhood if a pig is allowed. Or, you may check with your cities’ zoning board to know if you are allowed to keep a micro pig in your area.

2.Find a reputable breeder to provide you all the after sales advice and information including the history of the micro pig’s breeding, vaccination and worming record and care information sheet.

3.Cost of raising your micro piglet; micro piglet price, food, maintenance and medical care (vaccinations and shots)

4.Willingness to commit. If you are one of those with busy work schedule or limited time, owning a micro piglet is not for you. This lovely pet needs a lot of attention. In addition, a micro pig has a life span of 15 to 20 years, so your commitment to take care of tiny piglet is a must for your pet to remain healthy and fit.

Even Holywood celebrities cannot resist the charm of micro pigs. From its humble beginning as an ordinary scientific research animal, micro pigs are the newest craze to hit United Kingdom and America. Paris Hilton, Rupert Grint, Charlotte Church, David Beckham and Gavin Henson are just a few of the micro pig pet owners.

If you are considering buying a micro teacup pig, do your own research. Likewise, be prepared for the attention and time that your pet will need. Given proper care and love, you are guaranteed of an intelligent, loving and loyal pet.

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