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We have some of the world's smallest piglets!
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teacup piglet in boots
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I love to cuddle!
At Pampered Piglets each of our teacup piglets are raised inside of our house. They are brought up to be comfortable around children and other pets. Unlike some other websites offering teacup pigs We do not broker out other piglets!!!!

Be very careful when it comes to buying a teacup pig. There are several breeders pretending to have teacup pigs for sale when they are really just selling pot belly pigs. 

If you are finding "Teacup pigs" for under $1,000 dollars they most likely are just pot belly pigs. Which will grow to 150 LBS or more!!

Teacup piglets each have their very own unique personality. Some like to be very bossy and feisty, some like to be very sweet and cuddly. They love to have their bellies rubbed and love to rub their little piggy nose on things. They grow more comfortable the more they get to know you and usually will have a favorite that they seem to love the most. 

The Teacup piglet’s tail will waggle when they are happy or excited. They love treats! They usually will squeal when they need to go to the bathroom. They are surprisingly litter box trained at just a few days old and tend to be cleaner pets than cats or dogs. They recognize their own name just weeks after they are born and love to follow you around.

 Teacup pigs are extremely playful and will get along with other pets very well. The teacup piglets are able to jump a couple feet in the air with their short little stubby legs even though they are just a few inches tall. They love to cuddle under blankets and tend to be a little ornery when they are hungry or tired.

We will ship your teacup pig to you no matter where you live. Each teacup pig comes with a guarantee that the piglet is healthy. 

The teacup pigs can be bottle fed at 2 weeks old. They love their milk and will stretch out and gulp down their bottle of milk. 

Teacup piglets can range in price from $1,500 and up. Prices vary depending on size, color, and gender.

You will be extra pleased with how friendly and loving your teacup pig is. They will brighten up your day!

 I hope you enjoy your teacup piglet give them plenty of hugs and kisses! 

At Pampered Piglets Pigs really do fly!!! Your little piggy can arrive to you through air and be in your arms as soon as tomorrow!! Shipping is free and safe!! Make sure you bookmark our site and check back daily for specials. Teacup piglets can be reserved by a $250 dollar non-refundable deposit. (FINANCING NOW AVAILABLE!!!) Just $500 down and Make a low monthly payment while you have your piggy!!!

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Please Call or text  Karen at (801) 376-5785 to reserve your little piggy today! or email us at
Kiss Me!!
Tiny Super Micro Juliana male

Free shipping
Cuddle Me!!!
micro black and white male
financing available
Free Shipping
I love you!!!
Micro Female teacup pig
Financing Available
Free Shipping
Hold Me!!!
Super Micro Juliana female 

Free Shipping
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I want to snuggle!
Micro Black teacup female 
Financing Available
 Free shipping
Warm me up!!! :)
Micro black female teacup pig

Financing Available
 Free Shipping
Take me to the park!
Micro Black  male teacup pig 
​Financing available
Free Shipping
Snuggle me!!
Extremely small Super micro male teacup pig
Financing Available
 Free Shipping
Love me!!!
I am sweeter than candy
Super micro male teacup pig 
​Free Shipping 
Small Super micro Chocolate female

Free Shipping

Teacup pigs for sale

Aw do you love me?
You can now finance your teacup pig to a Low monthly payment all you need is an income and bank account.
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Black micro female teacup pig
Financing Available
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Tiny Black female super micro teacup pig

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