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We have some of the world's smallest piglets!
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We are proud to announce that your very own pampered piglet can be shipped to Alaska. At Pampered Piglets Pigs really do fly!!! So your teacup piglet can arrive to you through air safe and sound. ​

We are located in Utah but we can ship your puppy to you in Alaska safe and sound. Sometimes it is tempting to try to adopt just from a local breeder but when it comes to Teacup pigs quality is everything. That is why you will want a Teacup piglet from us. We have some of the best in the world.
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Teacup Pigs Available for Shipping to Alaska

Pigs have a reputation for being messy and smelly, but the rising trend of making them a part of homes as a pet continues. The pet variety however is far from smelly along with the size of farm pigs thus, they are called teacup pigs, mini pigs, nano pigs, pixie pigs – all refer to the same miniature version of farm pigs. They are now getting into the hearts of animal lovers both celebrities and the mainstream welcoming them into their homes. Why, you may ask? Well, they are simply adorable, odor-free, clean, and cute to care for. They can be litter trained too and can be taught a lot of tricks just like dogs. 

Some two years ago, the trend somewhat started in Britain with famous couple Victoria and David Beckham purchasing their own teacup pigs. Rupert Grint or “Ron Weasley” from the Harry Potter films also got himself his own cute mini pigs. From there, people started to take notice how lovable these animals are and then, they also started buying nano pigs to raise as their own. For a time, orders only came from few of the popular Britain pig farms there and shipping to America was highly expensive, not to mention risky for the animals. With the rate that American homes are adapting these cute piggies, it is not surprising that a lot of entrepreneurs are now venturing into the sale of teacup pigs. In fact, shipping to Alaska and many other states is now possible as airplanes and couriers have put the right equipment in place for the safe transport of these mini pigs. However, there is plenty of caution advised to those who are planning to buy these adorable pets because a lot of sellers are claiming that they stock the smallest of litter but are actually not. Their nano pigs can grow up to 100 pounds and that is not favorable to owners expecting to manage little teacup pigs throughout their lifespan.

Thankfully, local breeders from America notably from Utah started to sell miniature piglets as well. Pampered Piglets is proud to be one of the first to breed their own real teacup pigs (with weight extending only up to 65 pounds) and now, they are offering pet lovers from Alaska to get their very own teacup pigs through shipping. Unlike before where shipping these cute animals is clumsy which often resulted to nano pigs getting sick, there are now many precautions and safety measures adapted by airplane personnel to ensure that transporting the delicate baby mini pigs goes smoothly. Buyers from Alaska can actually have their teacup pigs in their arms safe and sound after just one day of ordering online. Now, that is what you call convenience and safety efficiently combined.

Another concern that teacup pig buyers should be aware of are those advertising in local online ads. They may claim that they are breeding their own but are actually just acting as a broker of mini pigs. There is really nothing wrong about it but the problem starts when they make false claims about the size of their teacup pigs just to entice pet lovers to buy from them. These online classified ad sellers are often focused on making sales and mostly have no idea why pet lovers would like to adapt a mini pig. At Pampered Piglets where breeding, feeding, rearing and caring for teacup pigs are highly prioritized, they understand what it is that pet buyers are actually looking for. Hence, there is never a claim on up to what weight their mini pigs will grow as that will be equivalent to operating a bogus business. As you can see on the website, there are plenty of resources where you can check out the available litter for sale. You can also request a picture of the parents of these mini pigs to see for yourself how much they have grown. You can expect that the teacup pigs from Pampered Piglets remain along the same size as that of their parents, naturally. So even if Alaska seems to be far off from Utah, you are assured that you will be getting the proper size of teacup pigs, and most importantly, they reach you in a sound and healthy condition.

Now, let us venture into how most of nano pigs behave. When they reach your home, be sure that you have already prepared its own space. Put a comfortable sleeping mat or blanket and place fresh water beside it. And as soon as they are settled in their own area, you may also start potty training them just like dogs. Get a big litter box, place some wood shavings inside or newspaper cut-outs and introduce the word “potty” by bringing them in the box. Of course, they will not understand it at first and would do their thing anywhere else. After that, get a small amount of their waste and place it on the litter box so that they will get used to the smell. Don’t put cat litter though as it may poison the mini pigs when they eat it. Speaking of which, teacup pigs are generally friendlier than cats but have the same adaptability during potty training. Thus, be assured that your teacup pigs will definitely learn to understand where to put litter, as long as you are patient in training them.

Depending on how small the oinker is, prices can range from $1000-$2500 with additional shipping charges. However, if you have a set budget, you can talk to the breeders and explain your situation and maybe you can work something out that is a win-win solution for both of you. The usual timespan of mini pigs are from 15 to 20 years so as the owner, you have to be ready to commit to caring your pet in that time. The Animal Rescue Site also warns that the teacup size may just be a marketing ploy to attract pet lovers to buy them while they are still small when in fact, they might grow up to 300 pound potbellies. A lot of buyers are unprepared to care for large sized pigs so their sanctuaries are now full with more than 350,000 discarded potbelly pigs that grew more than the expected size of a teacup. Hence, you must exercise a lot of caution when buying and only deal with local breeders who can be trusted.

At Pampered Piglets, your satisfaction is important than anything else so the breeds being mixed have been teacups from many generations themselves to ensure that they will not overgrow from the expected maximum weight. Buyers from Alaska will definitely find it worthwhile when transacting with Pampered Piglets, which provides nothing less but optimum safety precautions when shipping their beloved teacup pigs. Hope this information helped please take a look at our teacup pigs for sale.

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