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We have some of the world's smallest piglets!
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Teacup pigs have become very popular because of their intelligence and their affectionate nature. They love to cuddle and be held. They are non-shedding and therefore are hypo-allergenic. They are easily trained and unlike dogs use the litter box. They can be trained within a day or two to go to the litter box and potty. They do not smell and are very clean. They have very few problems and do not get fleas like dogs. They love to be play and run. They are very entertaining. They love children and all pets.  

It is very important to not overfeed your tiny piglets. These pigs are not like standard pigs. They must be kept on a proper diet to keep them healthy and happy. We do not underfeed our pigs. They need a complete and balanced diet. We feed mini pig junior food to all our babies. As babies they are given baby oatmeal added to their mini junior food and replacement milk. As they grow they can be given some fruits and veggies on a limited quantity due to their small stomachs. These little mini piggies are very tiny and do not require much food. When they are small they will only require 1/4 cup of mini pig food in the morning and again at night. A few treats of fruits and veggies can be given in between. Fresh water is a must. I give the 1/4 cup of food with warm water. Pigs need plenty of water but usually will not drink much unless they have the food mixed. 

It is important to hold your baby teacup piglet often. Bottle feeding seems to bond them closer to you. They love blankets and soft material. Giving them treats by hand also help with the bonding. Call them by their names, they will learn it quickly and come when called. Each day will make your bond closer and he will trust in you.

Your baby teacup pig will be started with litter box training before you get them. They learn very quickly. Always have fresh litter for them. Always keep the litter box in the same place so they can find it quickly. Puppy pads can also be used or you can train them to go outside just like a puppy. Piggies are much cleaner and learn faster than puppies. I know because I have raised dogs for 27 years and piglets learn within a few days, puppies take much longer to learn.

Our piglets should stay smaller than most piggies you can buy. True TEACUP SIZE!! NOT 70 or 80 lbs. Their parents are so tiny. Price depends on size, sex and color and breeding rights or not. All males need to be neutered unless being purchased for breeding. Females also need to be spayed if not breeding. This insures the pig is healthy and an altered pig makes a more friendly pig and better pet. Plus altering prevents a lot of issues.

We offer free shipping in the US and can ship to Canada for alittle extra fee. We safely ship your baby to you.

We offer a one year genetic guarantee on our babies when they are properly cared for and given proper vitamins, food and vet care. We can not guarantee size as these little piggies are real beggars and can be overfeed or fed unhealthy table scraps or dog food leading to a larger pig.

We require a deposit of $250 to hold the baby of your choice. We can not hold a piglet without a deposit.. Full payment is required before shipping.

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